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16 May

How to Wear Peep Toe Boots Like a Celebrity

peep toe boots

Peep toe boots return with a full impact to the runways. Either with a wedge heel or a slim stiletto heel they are a stylish and versatile footwear choice that can add a unique touch to your look. Here is how you can stylishly incorporate peep-toe boots into your wardrobe and create fashionable and versatile outfits for any occasion.

Peep-toe ankle boots are ideal for the not-so-hot, not-so-cold weather. This perfect silhouette provides just the right amount of coverage and styling possibilities for all of your transitional layers. I thought they were a contemporary invention but I once read they are vintage because they date back to 1950s.

Designer peep toe booties

Either with with a wedge heel or a slim stiletto heel celebrities and trend setters have been out adapting peep toe boots. Their efforts are successful: Jessica Alba, Ciara, Miranda Cosgrove and Shakira made them a must-have fall accessory. Even though some of these booties look unwearable, most of them have a platform that balances the breathtaking stiletto heel to make your walk sturdy. Peep-toe boots are perfect for adding edge to pretty dresses and city shorts – they look modern and allow high speed travel. Just bring on a blaze of bold beauty and stir up an intoxicating inferno!

How to wear peep toe boots?

While ankle boots are pretty easy to sport, the midcalf height of the boot can make legs look stumpy. Anyway, there is always a solution: either wear them under your jeans or with a skirt that is at least 4 inches above the knee.

Peep-toe boots are a stylish and versatile footwear choice that can add a unique touch to your outfits. Here are some tips on how to wear peep-toe boots as a fashion trend:

1. Pair with Skinny Jeans or Leggings:

Skinny Jeans: Tuck your skinny jeans into your peep-toe boots for a streamlined look. This combination is both flattering and trendy.
Leggings: Black or neutral leggings can create a sleek and elongating effect, making the boots the focal point.

2. Show Some Skin:

Dresses and Skirts: Pair peep-toe boots with dresses or skirts that hit above the knee to show a bit of leg. This balance keeps the look stylish and not overly covered.
Midi Skirts: For a more sophisticated vibe, wear your peep-toe boots with a midi skirt. This length still shows off the boots while maintaining an elegant silhouette.

3. Contrast with Textures:

Leather or Suede: Pair leather or suede peep-toe boots with contrasting textures like denim, silk, or knitwear. This adds depth and interest to your outfit.
Tights: During cooler months, consider pairing your boots with patterned tights for an added layer of style.

4. Layering with Outerwear:

Trench Coats and Blazers: Peep-toe boots look chic with structured outerwear like trench coats or blazers. This combination works well for both casual and more formal settings.
Oversized Sweaters: An oversized sweater can create a cozy and fashionable look when paired with peep-toe boots and skinny jeans or leggings.

5. Casual to Dressy Transition:

Casual: Wear peep-toe boots with a casual tee and jeans or a simple dress for a relaxed yet trendy look.
Dressy: Pair them with a sleek, tailored dress or a pencil skirt and blouse for a more polished and sophisticated outfit.

6. Play with Colours and Patterns:

Neutral Colours: Opt for neutral-coloured peep-toe boots (black, beige, brown) for versatility. These shades can be paired with almost any outfit.
Bold Colours and Patterns: If you’re feeling adventurous, choose peep-toe boots in bold colours or patterns to make a statement. Pair them with simpler outfits to let the boots stand out.

7. Seasonal Considerations:

Spring/Summer: Wear your peep-toe boots with lighter fabrics and bright colors for a fresh, warm-weather look.
Fall/Winter: Pair them with cozy layers like cardigans, scarves, and thicker fabrics. Add tights or socks to keep warm while still showcasing the peep-toe detail.

8. Accessorize Thoughtfully:

Minimal Jewelry: Keep your jewelry minimal to let the boots shine. Simple earrings or a delicate necklace can complement the look without overwhelming it.
Statement Bag: Carry a statement handbag that complements your outfit and peep-toe boots, tying the whole look together.

Wear your peep-toe boots with confidence. Own the look by standing tall and embracing the unique style of the boots. By following these fashion tips, you can stylishly incorporate peep-toe boots into your wardrobe and create fashionable and versatile outfits for any occasion.

See the best hand-picked peep toe boots:

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