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19 Jul

Real Tips for Summer-Ready Legs

woman with beautiful legs

Of the body parts put on bold display during the summer months, a woman’s legs must surely rank high in prominence. Laid bare to the world, not only in swimming costume, but in shorts and skirt as well, theirs is a revelation seemingly unavoidable in the hot season.

Thus, for the woman venturing into the heat, the question remains: if her legs must be exposed, how may she ensure they appear to best advantage? As it happens, there are several things she can do. Here are six of them.

No. 1: Get a tan. There’s a reason bodybuilders, beauty pageant contestants, and others who parade their bodies in front of judges brown themselves before stepping on stage. A tan accentuates contours, masks imperfections, and bestows an overall slimmer appearance. Although there are many self-tanning products on the market, we recommend sunbathing, providing, of course, the necessary precautions are observed. Remember: a little bit of sun goes a long way.

woman getting tan

No. 2: Exfoliate. Not only does this slough off dead cells to reveal smooth, glistening skin; it also disrupts cellulite and helps your skin better absorb any topical products you may apply. For the purpose, we suggest the Turkish kese, a remarkably effective, coarse-textured mitt to be used in the bath or shower. Look online—there are multiple purveyors—and, if you can, procure the genuine Turkish-made article.

No. 3: Shave. Yes, we know—nothing groundbreaking—but it’s the timing that’s important here. If you perform hair removal in the morning, you’re liable to suffer the skin irritation that can accompany it—in public. Instead, try shaving the night before and follow up with a soothing lotion. Come morning, your skin should be calm and ready to face the day.

summer legs photo

No. 4: Eliminate spider and varicose veins. There are few things more unwelcome to the lady keen to show off her legs than gnarled, protruding veins. Today, there are several minimally-invasive, yet effective solutions to this age-old problem, such as the novel VenaSeal™ Closure System, offered through Medical Travel, which uses a medical ‘superglue’ to quickly and painlessly seal off the diseased veins. In other words, you have options. Find one that works for you and beautify your legs from the inside out.

No. 5: Strength train. Whilst cardiovascular exercise has its place, more women will do well to actually work their leg muscles (and all others for that matter) against appreciable resistance, in whatever form that may take—whether barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, bodyweight, or resistance band. This will lead to favourable changes not only in strength, but in muscle tone and fat-burning capacity as well. Educate yourself or find a reputable trainer who understands your goals and get to work.

leg shave photo

No. 6: Mind your diet. Firstly, don’t forget quality—fresh, wholesome, unprocessed foods are preferable to processed, packaged ones. If excess fat is still a concern, take in fewer calories than go out. This may be accomplished by limiting yourself to two meals or even one meal per day, eating until you are satisfied, but no further; or by consuming multiple small meals throughout the day. Either of these approaches can work well, so choose the one best suited to your personality. Want to expedite the process? Shun carbohydrates. There’s no rule that says you can’t reintroduce them later.

And there you have it, a brief but useful list of proven suggestions to help your legs look their best in the summer—or year-round. Put them to work and watch them work for you. 

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