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24 Aug

Skin Protection Tips for the Summer

waterfall woman

What we don’t heart in summer are breakouts, bites, burns, and other skin woes. Surely you’ve got sunscreen and waterproof mascara in your summer beauty regimen, but this is hardly enough to protect your skin.

Many people hardly achieve a healthy summer glow. This is due to the lack of knowledge on how to keep their skin in good condition. During summer many of us get sunburns, pigment spots and even dark spots. These side effects of the sun affect and frustrate a lot of people every summer. Read these tips and learn how to achieve a healthy summer glow.

1. Use Sunscreen

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Before you decide to go to a beach, swimming or just basking in the sun, it is advisable to apply some summer screen. Remember to apply it approximately 20 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. Some skin types require you to apply summer screen on a regular basis whether you are indoors or not. This helps your skin resist harmful effects of direct sunlight. Sunscreens contain rich active mineral ingredients which repel ultraviolet rays from your skin.

2. Cover Your Skin as Much as Possible

woman beach photo

Covering your skin from direct sun is crucial if you want to have a healthy looking skin. Wearing protective clothing, hats and sunglasses is one of the best tips to block sun rays from directly reaching to your skin. There are perfect clothes such as cover ups and sundresses that can cover a lot of your body without making you feel hot.

3. Drink A Lot of Water

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Doctors recommend drinking a lot of water which helps your skin. During summer we should drink even more. During warmer months, consider drinking about 8 glasses of water a day for a radiant and healthy skin. Skin consists of cells made of water, therefore if you are not consuming enough water it gets dehydrated and becomes dry. Which is not sexy at all. Take sips of water throughout the day instead of large gulps, and always carry a bottle with you. If you get tired of plain water, use a flavor packet to spice things up.

4. Apply Enough Lotion after Taking a Shower

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Lotions stop skin from becoming dry and thus protect it from cracking. Dry skin is prone to damage from sun rays. Make sure you apply adequate lotion a few times a day (if necessary) to keep your skin moisturized. If you want an instant help, think about using oils such as rose hip oil, coconut, jojoba, argan or olive oil. By now it’s no surprise that pure oils are the easiest and simplest way to infuse your skin with moisture. They absorb quickly and leave very little residue on the skin, while any excess can simply be blotted away.

Even if you spend all day indoors playing online casinos for real money, you still need to know how to protect your skin. Remember, summer is your time to shine. Use the sun wisely and make the best of it with these handy tips.

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