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10 Women’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials
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28 Jul

Summertime Secrets to Better Skin Care

Summer’s a great time to show more skin, but before you do, show it some extra care. Many environmental factors like longer, sunnier days with more intense UV rays and windy conditions can be damaging to your skin. But with a few tips, tricks and wholesome DIY treatments, you can keep your skin looking great while you enjoy the sunny summer months.

sunscreen photo

applying sunscreen photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Sunscreen first: If you can’t avoid the sun from 10 am until 2 pm, then use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects you from harmful UV and UVB rays. You can also wear a wide-brimmed hat and sun protective clothing with UPF 50 to shield you from harmful rays.

Try dry brushing : Dry brushing has been around a long time. This technique includes a good dry brush that’s designed to exfoliate your skin while unclogging pores and increasing circulation.

honey mask photo

honey mask photo by thedabblist

Lemon and honey mask: It’s not just for colds, but also for your face!  Make a mask of lemon and honey and reap the benefits of this fresh and simple trick.

Sweet scrubs and bubble baths: Make your own sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, and many other DIY body and bath creations from fresh ingredients like nutritious coconut oil and soothing essential oils. Your skin will thank you!

coconut oil photo

coconut oil photo by Phú Thịnh Co

Go nuts for coconut oil: This one ingredient will help you with sunburns, dry hands, cold sores and even dry hair. Find out more.

Hydration sensation: Your skin loves lots of water. Women should drink 2.2 liters a day, and men should drink 3 liters. You may wonder, “I thought I should drink eight glasses a day?” Eight, eight ounce glasses (1.9 liters) a day is fine; it’s easy to remember and it’s close to what your daily intake should be.

fruits photo

fruits photo by aenigmatēs

Five fantastic fruits:  Berries, bananas, lemons, apples and mangos are not only delicious, but are packed with skin-loving nutrients. Choose fresh and organic varieties when possible.

Skin care is always a topic of much debate. But one thing is clear: you need to take care of it. With many things you can do with over the counter remedies and solutions, what more could you want? The answer lies in finding out more than just the surface. There are many companies that specialize in discovering more about our bodies on a genetic level that can help shape the way we take care of our bodies.

Summer skin photo by @yakobusan Jakob Montrasio 孟亚柯

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