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15 Aug

Tips for Helping Your Mom to Find the Perfect Mother-of-the-Bride Outfit

mother of the bride mug

While shopping for your bridal gown is one of the most fun, and important, elements of your big day, don’t forget that your mother wants to look her best and dress to impress as well. Once you have your gown all sorted, it is time to take your mom shopping to find her the ultimate mother-of-the-bride outfit that will help her show off her happiness on the day just right. Read on for some tips you can follow to make this shopping expedition a success.

Discuss Budget

mother photo

The first step in finding the perfect attire for your mother is to discuss budget. While you might be keen to find her something truly “other worldly,” you need to keep a lid on your excitement and only look at outfits which will be within her designated budget. Alternatively, if money is no object for your mother, you might want to talk to her about not going too over the top in her purchase — after all, no bride wants her mother to upstage her on her big day!

If the budget is, on the other hand, quite tight, keep in mind that a simple yet affordable (and lovely) dress or pantsuit can be really livened up with some low-cost accessories. Jewelry, a nice bag, and some lovely shoes can really add the finishing touches to a low-budget outfit and turn it into something that looks a million dollars.

Start Early So You Avoid Stress

mother and daughter

When it comes to shopping for mother-of-the-bride dresses, it is important to remember to start early if you want to avoid stressing about finding the right thing. It typically pays to start looking at least three months, if not six months, in advance, to ensure that you and your mom have plenty of time to find something she really loves. You might want to do some research online and in magazines first, so your mom can browse and figure out what type of style she is after, and then start hitting the shops together after that.

Don’t forget that, just like your own dress for the day, your mother’s outfit may need to be altered once or twice to ensure the fit is exact. It can often be tough to find something that really fits like a glove off the rack, so being open to alterations can take a look from “blah” to “wow!” If you leave the shopping until the last minute though, there just won’t be time for fittings, which limits your mom’s choices considerably.

Think About the Day’s Theme, Formality, and Colors

mother and bride

Next, it is always a good idea to help your mother find an outfit that ties into the day’s theme, level of formality, and color choices. For example, if your is 1920’s themed, your mother will need to shop in vintage shops, online, or even look at having something custom made. On the other hand, if you are having a low-key ceremony at the beach, there is no point in your mother looking for anything too formal in the way of dresses or suits; simple and casual will be best.

In addition, a lot of women who are getting married prefer for the mother-of-the-bride (and also sometimes the mother-of-the-groom) outfits to be in the same color palette as that of the bridal party. For instance, if the bridesmaids will be wearing a mauve or plum gown, your mom could look for something in a soft lilac or lavender, or even potentially match the bridal-party color exactly.

While you may have no set ideas on this, do keep in mind that you want your mother’s outfit to at least complement, rather than clash with, the day’s hue and your own dress. Most moms should steer clear of attire in white, ivory, or champagne colors, as these can look too bridal; as well as black, which can suggest mourning. Some of the most popular hues for proud mamas on the big day tend to be chocolate brown, navy, blush, metallics, and jewel tones.

Plan According to the Weather and Location on the Big Day

wedding photo

Of course, it is also vital for your mother to plan her outfit according to the weather and location of the wedding ceremony and reception. For example, if you are getting married in an outdoor location that will be hot and potentially steamy, she won’t want anything too structured, in heavy fabrics, or that is too covered up. Similarly, if you are saying your vows in the winter, and especially outside in some gorgeous yet chilly locale, she will need to make sure she is suitable covered up and protected from the elements. Appropriate footwear will need to be considered here as well.

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