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2 Feb

Which Material To Choose For Your Lingerie?

woman wearing a black bra

This is certainly not a typical question when you think of lingerie. Style, support and look are usually what a woman wants, in the first place. However, material matters when it comes to the choice of bras and underwear. Here is what you need to know to help you select what is best, next time you shop for lingerie.

A Large Variety to choose from

There are many materials that can be used to create fine lingerie. They have their pros and cons, and it often depends on what a woman prefers to wear, in the end. Textile fibres are part of one of two groups: Natural and man-made. In the first one, you will find cotton, linen and hemp (from plants) as well as wool and silk (from animals). Man-made fibers are various and include viscose, bamboo and modal. Here is a look into the two main groups, regarding those that are used in creating lingerie.


woman in a red lingerie

The two main natural materials used in are cotton and silk. Linen is not suitable in most cases, as it shrinks and is not elastic. However, the most common one is without a doubt cotton. It is perfect for everyday use because it is durable and easy to take care of. All style and looks can be created with this material, as we can appreciate while going through the collection of cotton lingerie by the Maison Lejaby. For a designer, cotton is a great textile to work with, because it is easy to die. Therefore, a model can be reproduced in any precise colour that they want. Cotton doesn’t keep bad odours, the way that synthetic materials tend to. But most of all, cotton is the perfect material for woman with sensitive skin and also to create panties, as they are best to sleep with, in terms of hygiene.

Silk is certainly the most attractive textile, when it comes to fine lingerie. Its softness and radiance make it the most noble material. It doesn’t keep moisture, which is one of the most important elements, in regards to underwear. But most of all, it is regal and is attached to the idea of romance, in our collective mind.


red lingerie

The synthetic fibre most used in is polyester. Its advantages are that it is heat and colour resistant, that it dries quickly and it doesn’t crease or shrink. Its elasticity is often the reason why it is used for this category of wearable. It is often found in sports bras, has it won’t accumulate moisture. Other synthetic fibres being used in underwear are polyester, polyamide and elastane. It should be noted that most women tend to prefer natural materials, whenever possible.

Maison Lejaby: Upscale Quality through Time

In the end, what a woman looks for is quality that shows style and allure. Whether they prefer cotton or silk, they will find these qualities in all of the Maison Lejaby product lines. This manufacturer will soon be celebrating its 100th year of existence (in 2030), and the reason is simple: They have been providing upscale quality, year after year. That is something women appreciate more than anything else. And it also possesses that unique French savoir-faire…

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