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10 Jul

1920s Influences on Today’s Fashion

Gucci Spring Summer 2012

In 2012, a lot of high-fashion designers return to the decadent 1920s to find inspiration for modern women. A contemporary reinterpretation of the classic Jazz Era which originally is a mixture of art deco, jazz, film noir and flapper glamour results in soft, gauzy clothing construction and a lot of dazzle.

Flappers – 1920s’ new breed of women who had rights to vote and smoke cigarettes in public.

1920s fashion

1920s’s flapper dress in 2012: (), (Karen Elson), Gucci (), Diane von Furstenberg ()

The best inspiration on the roaring 20s is a film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel, The Great Gatsby. The first film adaptation with Robert Redford, and Mia Farrow launched in 1974 had costumes designed Ralph Lauren. This year when we found out about the remake with our favourite Hollywood stars, we couldn’t be happier about the comeback. Again, wealthy and elusive Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) gets into a romantic relationship with Daisy Buchanan (), a married woman. With loosely upswept hairstyle and a cute headgear Carey brings the flapper look into the present day. With a little help of , of course.

Let’s get back to fashion and talk about pieces that encapsule the distinctive glamour of that most decadent of decades when glitz and glamour ruled.

  • straight-up-and-down flapper dress: features the relaxed silhouette and a drop-waist, the 20s’ trademark frock makes you look striking without being too showy
  • silk: look for silk dresses in pastels and luxurious silk pants. They all bring the ultra-feminine vibe especially when gearing up for a night out
  • lavish details: ostrich feathers (think about feather boas!), fringe detailing, beaded embellishments and allover sequins give a distinctly 1920s sensibility
  • pleats: straight-cut skirt and a dress are next on your shopping list!
  • strappy shoes: strappy sandals or T-strap pumps complement every glamorous look
  • accessories: long swingy necklaces, drop earrings, pearl necklaces and metallic accessories (in ) enhance the glamour
Roberto Cavalli Feather Fringe Dress

Bead-and-feather fringed dress

Channel your inner flapper girl in this fashion trophy from . The beautiful party dress displays influences from the 1920s with a breathtaking party style that flaunts an allover bead design. The dress retains an air of the Jazz Era thanks to the dropped skirt and a playful feather fringed hem. Accent the roaring 20s reference and accessorize with contemporary details: metallic sandals and a statement clutch.

Update: ’s Little Party Never Killed Nobody video is a burst of flapper inspiration: