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31 Oct

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Fragrance

selection of fragrances

Finding the perfect fragrance is a very personal and delicate process. It is not merely a process of smelling as many perfumes as you can find and choosing which scent you like the best. Some may agree that there is a science to finding a fragrance that marries well with your skin and your personality.

Know what you are looking for

selection of perfumes

Having a good general idea of the specific scents that appeal to you can make the act of finding ‘the one’ endlessly easier. It is also crucial to familiarize yourself with the terminology used in the world of fragrance. When searching for a perfume featuring your favorite scent, you may be inclined to select it based on the top note, but that definitely isn’t the way to go. While a perfume’s top note will be the strongest scent that you will smell when you first spritz it onto your body, it fades away much faster than the heart and bottom note. The heart note generally remains for a few hours, but it is the all-important bottom note that will linger on your skin all day and night long.

You will also need to decide what strength of perfume you prefer. Parfum is the strongest smelling and the longest lasting, but it can be overwhelming for people with a more powerful sense of smell, or for those who prefer a subtler scent. Eau de parfum promises a middle ground, as well as a strong scent for up to six hours after application, while Eau de toilette is the weakest of all three and will typically last for around three hours, requiring reapplication throughout the day if and when a stronger scent is required. Unsurprisingly, parfum is usually more expensive than eau de parfum or eau de toilette; however, many believe that it is worth the extra cost considering that you use much less at a time.

Don’t spray and buy

woman applies fragrance

You have to allow a fragrance plenty of time to mature before you can accurately determine whether or not you love the scent. Also, while one perfume may adhere to one person’s skin for an entire day, it may be practically undetectable on yours after a few hours. This is the reason why it is so important to test perfume over a period of at least 24 hours in order to determine how it will ‘live’ on your skin and to make an informed decision.

Test in-store, buy online

fragrance in a bottle

You are guaranteed to find better prices online when it comes to buying fragrances. Therefore, the best thing to do is to test the available perfumes in-store, and once you manage to find the perfect perfume that you absolutely adore, look for the best deals online. You can buy women’s perfume at Maple Prime and other online stores at a sizeable discount, all the while enjoying the benefits of free delivery straight to your door in just a few days’ time.
Follow these three guidelines and you are sure to find the perfect perfume that you will likely love and wear for many years to come.

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