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26 Jul

4 Splurge-Worthy Leather Jacket Types & Styles For Women

violet haired woman in a leather jacket

Leather jackets have gained a lot of attention in some of the past decades. However, designs and styles have kept evolving. It is true that leather jackets for women are expensive and difficult to find but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one then it is going to be great. Do not ever let go of a good quality leather jacket because of its cost as it surely is worth it as leather jackets do not wear out and you can really wear them for a lifetime.

Leather jackets really are a staple for a woman’s wardrobe which seems to be fit for every occasion. Women’s leather jackets are a true statement that makes you look gorgeous even when you wear them with any outfit.

Leather jackets are undoubtedly a identity that is one of the finest winter wears. They help you look fresh, give you a stunning appearance and make you feel warm. Also, if you are someone who likes to go on bike rides then we assure you that biker jackets for women will make you look like a cool, fashionista biker girl.

Well, leather biker jackets are not the only type of leather jacket that can be found, in fact, there are many other types. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the types of leather jackets and how you can style them according to any event. If you can, then we are going to recommend that you should have the following leather jackets in your closet.

The Leather Cafe Racer Jacket

A cafe racer jacket aka motorcycle jacket is a jacket with a minimalistic appearance and design and has a very simple look. Even with such a simple look, it tends to look chic when paired with any outfit. It has a centered zipper with a tab-snap collar. To give the jacket more character it has zipper pockets on either side. In short, it is elegant, simple yet classic giving an edgy vibe.

Styling The Leather Cafe Racer Jacket

leather jacket

The Leather Cafe Racer Jackets are known to give a semi-formal look. So with such a jacket you can always pick a simple v-necked t-shirt, tuck it in your formal cotton pants and wear a belt over it. Put on some attractive accessories, like you can add a statement necklace, some handcuffs, and rings. Lastly, finish your look by wearing kitty heels and setting your hair.

The Leather Biker Jacket

Biker jackets look pretty attractive as they give off bold and edgy vibes. It is entirely different from that of a leather bomber jacket. The leather biker jacket has an angled, sleek zipper, a snap, and a pointy collar. You can also find extra adornments on many such jackets. Biker jackets are known to be a jacket worn by badass women since the early times.

Styling The Biker Jacket

woman in a biker jacket

If you want to give yourself a business casual look while including the leather biker jacket, we know exactly what you should opt for. Go for a v-necked chiffon shirt and tuck it in your long flared skirt. Put on your leather biker jacket and your leather boots. If you want you can accessorize a but by wearing a necklace and taking a leather handbag.

The Leather Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are known to be a women’s favorite, completely chic and desirable. Going back to early times, leather bomber jackets were initially designed for crew members and pilots in the World Wars. Slowly, they made their way to the world, and now it has become a voguish trend that is followed by all women nation.

bomber jackets for women are a universal style statement too. The fabric of the leather jacket moves down to the waist and cinches at the waist and the sleeves. The cinched parts hug your body, keeping you warm. Moreover, it has a sleek and clean zipper, and generally, it has a loose-fit which makes it more appealing.

Styling The Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket

You can wear a leather bomber jacket almost anywhere, so you can wear it casually or formally, it all depends on your event. Bomber jackets are extremely comfortable thus you can pair them with clothing pieces that are extremely comfy too. Pick a t-shirt, and tuck it in a skirt. You can go for a frilly skirt or even a leather skirt. Pullover your leather bomber jacket. If you are going to a fancy party, you can always wear stilettos. However, if you are going out casually, sneakers are going to look great too.

The Leather Shearling jacket

This type of leather jacket is very warm thus it is a perfect outerwear for the winters as it keeps you really warm. The inner side of the leather shearling jacket is made out of wool and the outer is made out of different types of leather. This leather jacket has fur cuffs and a fur collar. The fur peeping from inside the leather jacket looks really modern and trendy but comfortable and warm at the same time.

Styling The Leather Shearling Jacket

shearling jacket

You can wear the leather shearling jacket regardless of any sort of event; casual, business casual, formal, etc. If you are someone who likes to keep their edge and loves to opt for vintage clothing then we know the right outfit for you. With your leather shearling jacket, you can pair up boot cut pants, and wear a turtleneck hand-knitted sweater with it. Go for high-soled boots, add on a beanie, over your open hair, and put on your favorite sun shades. That is a perfect retro look with a bit of a twist.


Styling up is inevitable for every woman as they are very well aware of how they can look better in every aspect, and they love to up their styling game all the time. Hence, these types of leather jackets are always going to be a great option for styling up with different clothing options. Then what are you waiting for? Get your hands on your favorite leather jacket or if you have any, take it out and style it strikingly.

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