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6 Jan

6 Trendiest Looks For You To Try Out This Year

fashion trendiest looks

As 2022 quickly ends, it is leaving behind unique styles and trends that fashion-minded folk will take into the New Year. With throwback styles meshing with the futuristic edge of today’s younger consumers, there’s no telling what fashion will look like in 2023. In the meantime, here are the six trendiest looks you’ll definitely want to try out this year:

women in shape wear lingerie

1. Form-fitting, Breathable Bodysuits

The body positivity movement has inspired various brands to launch form-fitting bodysuit lines. These breathable, flattering bodysuits look great with all body types. Not only are they comfortable and fit your body’s natural shape, but they’re also perfect for lounging at home. Current trending colors include nudes, beiges, olive greens, and black tones.

2. Cropped Athletic Cargo Pants (Or Similar)

With versatile workwear in high demand, cropped athletic cargo pants in trending colors are everywhere on retail shelves. Channel your inner Kim Possible with these ankle pants that will leave you ready to crush the day in style.

You can pair these pants with casual tees or form-fitted knits for an edgy look that is equally professional and put-together. To complete your look, throw on a pair of boots to highlight the length of the pant leg.

Cropped athletic pants also make the perfect in-between option when you want to squeeze in a quick workout and head back to the office. The breathable fabric allows any moisture-wicking technology to take effect, and the shape and style are professional for the office.

3. Long Acrylic

The self-care focus in 2022 has sparked many trends in beauty, including nail art trends. Go for ombre, almond-shaped for the current manicure fad that is sure to impress. Some popular ombre choices are cotton candy and sunset combinations, such as pink and baby blue or orange and purple.

Almond is a new shape between an oval and a teardrop, and it’s an artistic shift from the previous square-shaped nail obsession. But regardless of the color or shape you choose, long acrylic will continue well into the new year.

woman in a denim jacket

4. Vintage Jackets

Shop sustainable thrift stores or your favorite retailer, and grab a denim jacket that you can rock all year. Whether you wear it as an accessory or a coat that keeps you warm, you can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket. Look for options with cute patches and designs that speak to your style and personality.

5. Slipper Slides Are Back

Your favorite fuzzy boots have partnered with slippers to create the ultimate winter slides. Shop for versatile slides that work as both house slippers and the perfect pair of shoes for any casual outfit. Just make sure you wear wool socks with your slides so your toes can stay extra warm on chilly days.

6. Oversized Fuzzy Flannels

The ultra-loved plaid flannel has met its match. With the winter months in full force, the plaid flannel’s cousin (the fuzzy, oversized flannel) is here to stay. Maintain casual flannel vibes while keeping extra toasty and warm with these fuzzy alternatives to your traditional plaid flannel.

Choose trendy colors like white, light blue, and teal to stay on point with “in” colors this year. Look for options with large pockets and buttons; this year’s flannel is a shout-out to 80s-inspired stitching.

beautiful clothes

The Bottom Line

Many unique looks have popped up this past year and will easily continue into 2023. So get ahead of the game and incorporate these trends into your fashion lookbook for the new year. But remember, you don’t have to follow every trend. Integrate the trends that fit your style into your wardrobe. Always dress for success, but dress for yourself, too!

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