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15 Jun

Are You Ready for Your Wedding? Doubts Are Natural

wedding couple and a bouquet

The decision to finally tie the knot should be one that is taken in private by two people, simply because they know it’s time. Having said that, deciding on that can get quite confusing even for people who have been together for a decade or more! After all, you are essentially planning to spend a life together and giving it the authentic status which your precious relationship deserves. Therefore, it’s only natural to have doubts before taking such a big step, and believe it or not, some of them are quite necessary as well.

Why Are Pre- Jitters So Common?

woman in puffle sleeve top

There are plenty of reasons why pre-wedding jitters are perfectly natural and almost universal in varying degrees, however, the reasons are not always common to everyone. There are a few more general causes for having doubts and we will discuss them as well. However, there are also a few comparatively rare reasons why people experience second thoughts about a wedding plan. These are often rooted in instinct and our sixth sense, rather being any of the simpler reasons which are far more common. Read on as we describe both those common and rare causes why one or more partners often get cold feet before the big day, or even before proposing or accepting a proposal for marriage.


bride and bridesmaids

In most cases, both partners will experience a significant increase in their responsibilities towards each other, the family they are about to raise, and towards building a mutually beneficial future together. Admittedly, these are some of the ultimate reasons why most couples get married in the first place, but they can also be scary, overwhelming thoughts. The very idea of added social, personal, and financial responsibility can be enough to sway one or both partners away from the very idea of marriage. If they are willing and ready for those responsibilities though, couples usually work it out and get over their jitters soon after. On the other hand, if it feels like a rash decision, and you are not in a position to take on the responsibilities which come with getting married, it’s better to be honest with yourself and your partner about it than to regret a commitment as big as marriage later on.

Doubt or Distrust

wedding bouquet

The kind of doubt we are about to discuss next is not the same as having doubts and feeling jittery about marriage, but specific doubt or distrust regarding your partner’s honesty, loyalty, past, finances, intentions, etc. Sometimes it’s just instinct, acting on clues that our brains did not register consciously, while at others, the doubts might arise from a few odd incidents and circumstances. The bottom line is that if you are feeling like there is something important that your partner might be hiding from you, that could be a serious concern. You can check their incarceration records on Public Records Reviews to know if the person has a criminal past you are not aware of.

This is not to say that having a rough past alone should be reason enough to break up wedding plans of course, but you deserve to know your partner’s incarceration records, if there are any, before marrying the person and not later on. Additionally, if your doubts or distrust of your partner can also be related to activities that might be linked to the reason/reasons why they were incarcerated, that is a definite cause for alarm. It’ s always better to be sure than to regret, so use the Public Records Reviews website and get more information about your partner, prior to making that final commitment. Aside from incarceration records, their website can also be used to find out about your partner’s preliminary arrest records, sexual offenses, misdemeanors, pending lawsuits, original birth date, etc., if and when applicable.

There is an old saying about life partners which states that when you know, you know! Unfortunately, that isn’t the most practical approach to getting married. It’s not that uncommon for couples in love to get married, after being in the relationship for only six months. If that applies to you as well, now you know why you are getting the strong wedding jitters. It is quite common to mistake infatuation for love, and love itself may not alone be enough to sustain a relationship. Spending a significant amount of time together as a couple is important to know whether or not you two can be happy together as a married couple in the long run. Also, a rash decision to settle down without the necessary financial stability is a bad idea, which is somehow misread as an excellent idea by young couples in love. If you are moving too fast, those doubts might just be your instinct telling you to slow down!

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