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29 Oct

Artisan Jewellery: The Best Christmas Gifts for Women

gold bracelet

may still be a couple of months away, but shopping for Christmas presents is already in full swing. As per stats, around 57% of people do their Christmas shopping between October and November to avoid the last-minute rush. So, why not be like the majority to save yourself from the guilt of leaving it to the last moment and buying whatever you get!

Numerous choices of gifts for women

With the availability of numerous items – from fragrance to skincare to stockings, it takes a considerable time to settle on the perfect gifts for women. Then again, if you start planning ahead of time, why not go the extra mile and give your women some exceptional Christmas presents? You are sure to find something memorable from the numerous designs of artisan online. If not, you can also customise a particular piece or design your own from the ground up. The extra time in hand will surely help get your jewellery crafted and delivered in time for the grand celebration.

Trendy Christmas for her

Thanks to the revolutionary shift in the industry, you no longer have to dive deep into your pocket to buy designer jewellery for the remarkable women of your life. Instead, you will find many gorgeous designs crafted in materials such as stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, etc. Anyways, the trendiest jewellery for this Christmas includes:

Hoop and crystal earrings: The sleek, bold, and modern hoop earrings are still crushing many women’s hearts, making them an invaluable present for this Christmas. Speaking of feelings, you can also opt for some smaller pieces with a heart-shaped pendant, possibly adorned with glitzy crystals. A starry, little earring can also make a massive impact if it’s crafted from sterling silver and adorned with crystals.

Pearls and crystal necklaces: Modern trends see women wearing the sleekest necklaces or thick and robust chains with rugged links. Whichever one you prefer, though, make sure you find one embellished with glamorous crystals or elegant pearls.

Composable watches: Using rose glitters or mother of pearls on the dial, modern timekeepers have come a long way from their practical and somewhat dull past. So, embrace the glamours of glittery dial watches attached to a gold or silver bracelet this Christmas. Depending on the manufacturer, you can also compose a name or initials on the bracelet to make it yours.

The unique appeal of engraving in Christmas

Opt for a fancy bracelet with engravings if you want to leave no stones unturned to make your beloved woman happy. Some bracelets of today come with engraved, well-detailed links that the wearer can easily rearrange, making them look anew every day. The same link system also enables the user to choose each part and make a bracelet that looks like no other. But that’s not all! You can also engrave a heartfelt message, a name, or initials to make your loving memories last forever.

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