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10 Jul

How to Achieve Perfect Beach Waves: A Step-by-Step Guide

woman on the beach

Because they have the “This is how I got up” attitude that average people strive for every day, carefree beachy waves are the It Girl fashion preference. Fortunately, having a mane of disheveled hair does not require being an aquatic being.

For straight hair girls, in particular, there is a method to getting beautifully imperfect beach waves. The appropriate curling iron and styling equipment must be used, and even though it’s not difficult, tidy preparation is still important.

Although we can’t guarantee you a trip to the beach, this fashionable haircut will get you there anyway, even though it’s only mentally! Continue reading to find out how to achieve perfect beach waves quickly:

1. Add some hair extensions if you have thin hair

Start by adding some clip-in extensions if your volume falls short of giving the whole appearance some bounce. Once you have added some hair extensions, don’t forget to spray some heat-protectant serum uniformly on your hair. After that, you can use a hair brush to detangle your hair by making a middle partitioning to the back.

beach woman straw hat

2. Beach waves on long hair with a curling iron

You’ve likely heard that using a large barrel curler will produce large, loosely curled waves, while using a thinner curling iron would produce little, firm curls. This, however, is untrue! Your long hair can be curled fast and effectively into voluminous waves if you divide it into broad sections with a small barrel curling iron. Remember that a conditioning hair treatment is necessary to safeguard your beachy waves.

3. Get beachy waves with a bathrobe

You need 4 hair ties, a bathrobe belt, and hairspray for this. Initially, you need to place the robe belt on the middle of your head like a headband. After that, wrap it with 2-inch hair pieces, linking each segment to create a single and long twist.

Now, lock the end with a hair scrunchy and twist it into a high bun. Prior to hitting the bed, repeat this process on the other side of your head, and once you get up, untwist everything carefully. To set the look, apply hairspray, and use your hands to isolate the waves.

curly haired woman

4. Achieve beach waves with braids

In order to obtain such waves with braids, you need an elastic band, a mousse, and a brush. It’s the easiest way to get that sleek beach wave look when you adore the beach life and go to a beach to bask in the sun.

So, brush your hair evenly to eliminate all tangles and knots, bend forward and start weaving a regular three-strand braid in the vicinity of the crown by flipping your hair over. Secure the braid with an elastic band, and leave the hair braided overnight. Undo the braid the next morning, and apply hair mousse to protect the waves.

Once considered a summertime essential, beachy waves are now obtainable throughout the year, thanks to these straightforward step-by-step techniques mentioned above. No need for saltwater or sand!

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