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7 Jan

Secret Weaponry: The Lingerie Women Wear & What It Says About Them

woman in a beautiful lingerie

Ever wondered if the type of underwear you slip on in the morning is linked to the type of person you are? I have always wondered if the shyest girl in the room is actually wearing super sexy underneath her modest clothes. Could a lacy corset be causing the confident glint in her eye?

Under the Influence

lingerie photo

The smartest business woman may well be wearing a black lacy basque underneath her power suit that makes her feel extra powerful while she’s ball busting in a board meeting. I love the idea that our lingerie is like our secret weapon. We do not show it off like we would an expensive watch or new handbag but it makes us feel just as well equipped.

Take the corset, for example. The corset once served as a constricting garment to keep ladies’ bodies in place under their heavy duty dresses, reducing the waist, accentuating the breasts and supporting the dress. Now the corset is more associated with niche markets such as Goth, burlesque, steam-punk and fetish, and is often worn as outerwear. Imagine the awesome moment where you run into the mousey girl from the bank at a fetish party wearing a tight purple corset and holding a whip! Priceless!

Slimming Lace Teddy

This is an elaborate way of saying that you cannot judge a book by its cover. There is often a lot more going on underneath a girls clothes than anyone might realise, and the right lingerie can certainly influence the way you act. When I wear my £200 corset, I feel like I can do anything, take on the world, win every game and conquer every man. I stand up straight, look the barman in the eye and order a whiskey on the rocks.

Red Lingerie = Fiery Hot

lingerie photo

Red lingerie is said to be worn by women who are sexually confident and aware of their own allure (not in an arrogant way of course). The colour red supposedly symbolises power, confidence, passion and energy. The colour equally implies heat and danger; which adds to the sexiness of red lingerie.

Black Lingerie = Mysterious

lingerie photo

Black lingerie is a great favourite with both men and women as it is sexually alluring and mysterious. When I was a teenager, I constantly wanted to buy and wear black bras and knickers, but my mother was old fashioned and said that black underwear was meant for women, not girls!

This, of course, made me want it more! It now represented maturity and class. These days, I still wear black underwear because it is practical and simple yet still says ‘sexy bitch’.

Virgin White Lace

lace dress photo

White lacy lingerie is most commonly featured in bridal lingerie sections, as white implies innocence, purity and virginity. Men love white lingerie on women because it is sensual and sexy but completely non-trashy. It suggests femininity and class.

Personally, I find white lingerie gorgeous, but a pain to keep white. It also makes me look a bit pastier than I am comfortable with…until I get a tan. Then you cannot prize me out of my white pants.

Suspenders, Stockings & Garters, Oh My!

lace dress photo

For me, the allure of stockings and suspenders is a very powerful thing. They evoke the sensual vintage glamour of 1940s and 1950s Hollywood starlets, back when women were ultra feminine, curvaceous, powerful and super sexy.

CHRISTIES lace suspender belt

This type of lingerie is visually arresting and tactile making it tremendously appealing to both sexes. I find that these delightful garments totally put the ‘tease’ in ‘striptease’; they make us look like enticing temptresses. We love it. They love it. End of.

Sensual Shapewear? Er, no.

Adjustable Strap Mid-Thigh Shaper

Apologies if I am disappointing readers here by being in any way unsupportive of our sex. Ladies, of course, have a right to wear lycra under their clothes, but I personally detest the concept of shapewear. Let’s face it, when a woman squeezes herself into some sort of modern girdle, smooshing down her curves and slapping a pencil skirt on before shuffling uncomfortably round a room, trying to smile, she is fooling no one. She is uncomfortable, she needs to pee constantly, she cannot sit down and she is hoping everyone will think she is naturally wafer thin, when she is hiding some delicious curves that she should not be ashamed of!

Suffice to say, our underwear does not define us but certainly shapes our inner goddesses. Which item in your sexy lingerie drawer do you love the most? Tell us why!

Black lingerie photo by nigelliott.com