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15 Apr

The Top 6 Celebrity Fashion Disasters Of All Time

Cate Blanchett fashion mistake

The rich and famous are always in the limelight, so it’s quite obvious why they need to make an impression every time they step out of the house. Many celebrities are known for their acting and singing abilities as well as their fashion sense. However, not every Hollywood star, entertainer, or prominent political figure gets fashion right all the time. In fact, few people would categorize certain celebs as fashion icons at all. Everybody makes mistakes, and here are some of the biggest fashion flaws ever made by our favorite A-listers.

1) Prince Harry of England

Prince Harry
Costume parties are supposed to be fun, but not when you are an English Prince caught wearing a Nazi soldier’s uniform. The potential heir to the throne was spotted at a snazzy costume party sporting an outfit that’s no different than an executioner’s robe in some eyes. Flaunting swastikas and all, Prince Harry definitely made the worst fashion statement of his life. Even if the whole thing was supposed to be a joke, most people didn’t find it remotely funny–especially the Jews.


Christina Aguilera 2001 Blockbuster Awards
This genie-in-a-bottle should’ve brought along a genie to the 2001 Blockbuster Awards to make her hideous stage costume disappear from sight. Aguilera donned a ripped-up, body-tight, purple dress with strappy heels to match. The problem was that it didn’t. Her dress looked cheap and inappropriate, and it appeared as though she barely survived a boxing match with a lawnmower. Aguilera’s hair was just as hideous. Like a dense bunch of leaves atop a thin tree, the hair was bright, curly, and far bigger than she was.

3) Lil Kim

VMA Lil Kim Diana Ross
The Video Music Awards is a highly-watched television event. In 1999, people tuned in for a whole other reason. Female rapper Lil Kim had her nearly naked breast fondled by Diana Ross, and her ta-ta probably wouldn’t have caught Ross’ attention if it was actually concealed. Lil Kim’s ridiculous attire consisted of a shiny, offset, form-fitting dress that allowed her left breast to hang out like a chimpanzee on the monkey bars. The only thing keeping her goodies under wraps was an intricate pasty–like the ones worn by adult entertainers. Bright purple hair was the icing to a very bad cake.


Rihanna Echo Awards 2010
Rihanna usually rocks when it comes to style, but she tripped up majorly during the Echo Awards. Showing up in a teal bodysuit with high shoulder pads and flowing sleeves that looked like bat wings, she could’ve been mistaken for one of those idiots who crash high-profile events dressed as a superhero. While the outfit wasn’t her best, Rihanna’s amazing, voluptuous curves still shined through the overgrown leotard.


Cate Blanchett ruffled knit dress
In one of Blanchett’s worst moments in the public eye, she wore an offset, brightly-patterned knit dress that was simply unflattering for her body and age. Featuring ruffled tips, concentric squares, and a single long sleeve, this concept piece would have been more at home in an art museum than on the Red Carpet. Being the classy lady she is, Blanchett knew better.


Jon Kopaloff
Being both one of the most successful and most controversial pop icons in recent times, Lady Gaga never seems to bore us with her clothing choices. The most notorious of them all was the “meat dress” worn during the 2010 VMAs. Constructed primarily of raw flank steak, the dress was both outrageous and appalling. While Gaga admitted that she only wore it to send a message, the outfit still remains one of the worst fashion statements made in history.

In the end, celebrities are just as human as we are. They have bad hair days, bad dress days, and bad days in general. Even though some choose to rock bovine parts, we still love them all for who they are and not how they dress. We just prefer that they know how to look good.