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25 Apr

Designer Handbag Rental Services: The New A-List Trend

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If you've got that big night coming up – the one where you absolutely must look your best – then you'll know how important it is to find the right accessory. However, not everyone can afford to simply splash out on a new handbag or purse. If that sounds like you, then you might want to consider the merits of renting your handbag.

How does handbag rental work?

Handbag rental essentially functions in much the same way as any form of rental. The first step is to join up and become a member of your chosen supplier website. Then, you can choose the bag you want, what your hire period is going to be (this is usually no longer than around 28 days) and then pay for the rental period. The bag will be delivered to you in packaging that you can then use to return it by the hire period deadline. (Some firms will also provide a collection service).

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What are the perks of handbag rental?

The first benefit is the most obvious: you'll get to be seen wearing some of the most stylish, sophisticated in the world. Ones that – unless you have an insane amount of willpower with regards to saving up – you'd never be able to actually afford. Realistically, most people don't have two grand spare for a Chloe Paddington or a , but why should that stop them from feeling beautiful and stylish when they head out for a night on the town? Hiring is a sure-fire way to wear the best without having to break the bank.

Secondly, if you are actually seriously considering spending the cash on an elite-level handbag, renting it will give you the chance to try it out first. How many time have you splashed out for that dress that you've wanted for months, and then when you got it, it just wasn't really what you thought it would be, or it didn't sit quite right on you? If you're planning to spend thousands on a bag, it makes perfect sense to give it a demo run. That way, if by the end of the week you're not so keen, you won't have wasted your money.

Thirdly, rental will also mean that if you're the sort of person who's got a bit of a low attention span when it comes to fashion (you know who you are) you don't ever have to deal with getting bored of one particular handbag.  Essentially, you can have a different one every week!  As well as helping to keep your look fresh, it'll also mean you can adjust to the occasion. A sparkly gold bag might work well at a ballroom dance, but it might not suit a wedding!

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Are there any downsides?

The consensus is that there are two main downsides to hiring handbags. Firstly, there's the overwhelming sadness that comes from having to give them back! If you've gotten used to having that £3,000 Prada masterpiece by your side, it can be a bit of a wrench wrapping it up and sending it away again.

Secondly, hiring bags doesn't combine well with being clumsy. You're renting a highly-priced item, and if you manage to damage it in some way, you'll be held responsible for the damage and asked to pay at best a fine. Some firms may even ask you to replace it. All rental firms will, of course, make their policies on damage clear when you first join.

Designer handbag rental: in conclusion

Hiring handbags definitely offers a great way for you to swan out in the most stylish gear at a price that you can afford.  However, don't plough in mindlessly: take the time to investigate the company you're borrowing from, and make sure that they have a solid reputation.

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