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29 Apr

Pink Gellac Nail Polish Starter Kit Review

woman painting her nails

I have been keen on the idea of frugal in the terms of and beauty. This translates into buying clothes in thrift shops and doing on my own. Seriously I do not remember when was the last time I had my nails done. For those who want to safe on their manicure cost (like me!), Gellac has prepared a complete gel nail polish Starter kit with a LED lamp which lets you cure the gel polish within 15 seconds. Check out my review.

There is an excellent range of colours, however I only had the chance to try their flagship product called the Dynamic Duo. It is a beautiful, deep pink shade but not the best choice when you work in the office and have appointments with clients. It is suitable for summer and a more casual occasions. There are a lot of colours to choose from, but this colour is included in every kit for bloggers.

Testing in progress

Gel Nail Polish Starter kit Contains:

1 x Free Primer
1 x Free Color Dynamic Pink
4 x Free online courses
1 x Pink Gellac LED Lamp
1 x Pink Gellac Base2 NEW
1 x Pink Gellac Ultra Shine 15ml NEW
1 x Nail file 240-180 grid
1 x Orange Woodsticks
10 x Cleaner pockets
10 x Remover pockets NEW

pink gellac kit for bloggers

Doing your first gel nails can seem like a challenge but it is easier than you think. I used to have my nails done with a hybrid nail polish and the procedure was the same. You use a primer, then apply a base, then a colour twice and the top in the end. You need to use the LED lamp to cure each layer. Every bottle, be it a base or a nail polish has a rounded-tip brush which makes it easy to apply on all nails. In case of doubt, you can always read a handy guide attached to the kit.

I wore the Pink Gellac Dynamic Duo polish for two weeks and the colour was perfect to the very end. It did not fade. Actually I could have worn it even longer but my nails grew so much that it was necessary to paint them again. In my opinion the Pink Gellac gel nail polish is more durable than hybrid polish. It is indeed long-lasting and extremely durable.

Pink Gellac gel nail polish colours to try

Pink Gellac Majestic gel nail polish

I am looking forward to trying more shades too. Pink Gellac prepared a few ready-made collections so that you do not have to cherry pick every colour. There is a collection which is perfect for summer like Ibiza Summer, there is a business collection for those who prefer pastel colours and it is called Uncovered. Dark and luxe have always been my favourite nail polish colours. If Santa Clause asked me to choose one set from the Pink Gellac collections it would be Majestic for sure. Click here to see the Majestic collection.


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