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24 Sep

Dressing to Impress in Las Vegas: A Style Guide

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If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, you’ll want to look your best but you (probably) don’t want to look out of place as an obvious tourist. Of course, Las Vegas is known for its glamor and exuberance, but that kind of style is best saved for your nights out. Whether you’re on a sightseeing trip, a bachelorette or even a fun family vacation, packing the wrong wardrobe can put a real downer on your experience. This style guide includes the important factors you need to consider when packing for your Las Vegas vacation from comfort and practicality to making a style statement.

Dress for the weather

woman wearing fall fashion trends

Despite common beliefs, Las Vegas does get a bit chilly. The coolest months are November to February but the average December temperature high is 15°C is so no need to bring the big coat unless you intend to hit the clubs at night, as temperatures drop to -3°C. The hottest time of year is June to August when temperature reach up to 39°C regularly. For a more comfortable trip, March to May and October are less intense and often deliver a nice warm breeze if you can find affordable flights. You might even want to consider a private jet charter to Las Vegas if it’s a particularly special occasion. Whenever you go, remember to pack high-quality sunscreen.

Keep footwear comfortable but confident

spring 2017 sneakers

While it’s tempting to splash out on brand new stilettos, you may regret it. Las Vegas is best explored on foot (and there’s plenty of it) so ill-fitting or uncomfortable footwear will become old very quickly. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style of course. A pair of sassy sneakers or gladiator sandals which support your feet are ideal. Heels are always an option for evenings, but don’t waste too much suitcase space on them.

Choose bold and bright colors

While you don’t want to look like you’re on your way to a costume party, bold and bright is the way to go with your Vegas wardrobe. Dresses or rompers are a great choice for daytime sightseeing but you can also add bursts of color with accessories or shoes. It’s true that you will see plenty of people in Vegas dressed in pretty much whatever they feel like from pajamas and yoga pants to black tie, but there will be a dress code in some places so it’s best to play it safe.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

classy camel bag

You can’t go too far with accessories in Las Vegas. Chunky statement jewelry, funky hats and big bags are all the rage – so go to town!

Take lots of party dresses

The heat in Vegas usually demands you play it cool with a dress but you will need to take more than one for
each day of your trip. A classic LBD or a velvet dress is perfectly suited to the glamour of the casinos and nightclubs so don’t be afraid to pack in a few different options.

Remember your statement bathing suit

If you’re planning on a few lazy days by the pool, remember to make a statement with your bathing suit. It’s the perfect opportunity to express your style with confidence and aim for pool party bathing suits to fit right in.

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