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16 May

How Modernise Your Wardrobe

woman in front of the wardrobe

Bored of the same old, same old? Feel like you’re stuck in a style rut? We feel you! Once you’re in your comfort zone, sometimes you just alternate between the same 3 or 4 outfits and after a while, it gets a little bittedious. We may not have huge budgets to warrant award ceremony-style costume changes, so we need to get a little imaginative and experimental. After all, that’s what is all about!

We love a capsule wardrobe – something low-key and minimalist. But at the same time, you don’t always want to be basic. How can you switchup your tee and jeans combo? How can you add some statement outerwear? Well, you’re in luck, here are our top tips for modernising your wardrobe.

silver jewelry

is no longer seen as feminine – in fact, far from it. With the unisex jewellery movement in full swing, it’s not the time to shy away from experimenting with jewellery. Mens’ designer necklaces are in and can be layered for an 80s’ rocker vibe, or a pearl necklace à la Harry Styles will certainly steal the show.

It’s time to try out earrings – you read that right! Of course, you can take baby steps with studs and work your way up. However, if you’re already confident and daring with your style, unisex statement drop earrings are in! Combined with your favourite outfit, it will scream 80s’. What’s not to love?


Keyrings aren’t just for your set of keys – forget everything you once knew! Keyrings are the ultimate accessory. They can be attached to belt loops for a more modern, industrial feel, tailored trousers, chinos or jeans. You can also add them to boots for a punk rock style à la Vivienne Westwood. Whether you’re still riding the Logomania bandwagon or looking for something unique in terms of design, you’llbe able to find the right keyring for you!

Mix fits

woman in a boucle jacket

Mixing fits and cuts of clothing is a clever way to shake things up. Forget your usual combination of oversized tops and fitted bottoms – instead, opt for 90’s style with oversized jeans and an oversized band printed jumper and a bucket hat for on-trend street style. Layering is also another way to mix different fits. Layering an oversized jumper over a smart shirt will modernise your wardrobe and give you some serious outfit inspiration. It’s time to get creative with your style – and we’re all here for it!

Get your clothes tailored

As well as mixing up fits, consider getting your clothes tailored. If your jeans are too baggy, then adapt them to your size. Or tailor your vintage finds to make sure they are appropriate and remain flattering. If you’re bored of oversized, this is the way to go, as it avoids you wasting and throwing away clothes that can be modernised and used to transform your personal style. Your wardrobe and your bank account will thank us later!

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