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22 Sep

How to Actually Win the War on Waste at Home

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If you’ve been up to the current times on how much waste humans produce, then you know that at this point, it’s simply terrifying. As a matter of fact, from 2018 to 2019, Australia generated 75.8 million tonnes of solid waste, which in itself was a ten percent increase from the previous two years. To make matters worse, most of this trash is either dumped in landfills or down in the ocean.

Those figures are enough to make anyone rethink and reflect on their everyday actions and hopefully, find a way to minimize their repercussions on the environment. This is concrete proof that it’s high time we make major lifestyle changes, in the interest of being eco-friendly and sustainable.

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve shared a few easy and effective strategies on how you can win the long-standing war on waste.
There’s no need to worry about having to do anything drastic or extravagant, as the first step to sustainable living starts in your very own home. Simply cutting down on household waste can have extraordinary results. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Be aware of your habits

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Often, we’re not even aware of how much impact we actually have on the environment. So what better way to start than by taking a good look at your own habits?

To get a better understanding of what you need to improve on, first you must reflect on your own actions. This includes your buying habits, your cleaning routines, the materials you use – basically any activity that contributes to your house’s trash generation.
Once you’ve gotten a good idea on where you’re at, then you can start instigating long-term change.

2. Build your own recycling system

The best thing about creating your own recycling strategy is that you can tailor it to suit your needs and routines. It’s a fun and simple way to reduce your environmental footprint. For example, if you’re planning to do some house chores over the weekend, why not take some time to put together your own system? It could be as easy as a couple of containers for recyclable, non-recyclable, and compost materials.

Don’t stress too much about the nature of your recycling bins. There’s no need to buy new receptacles, as you can simply take some old trash bags or storage containers and use them as replacements. The most important thing is that you stay committed to keeping your system organized and consistent.

3. Shop only when absolutely necessary

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We’ve all been guilty of a few shopping sprees. But what we fail to realize is that impulsive buying is connected to the amount of rubbish you end up with in our houses. And for this very reason, we highly suggest that you shop only when necessary.

Or alternatively, you can choose to buy your items in bulk and on a timely schedule. Stock up on groceries that will last for the next two weeks to avoid making constant trips to the store and coming back home with things that you don’t really need. Once you’re able to do this on a regular basis, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ve saved and how little trash you’ve generated.

This applies to shopping for clothes as well. It’s not easy to find a sustainable, zero-plastic clothing company, but Hemp Clothing Australia redefines clothes by creating long-lasting pieces made from natural, plant-based fibre! This means there’s no plastic involved at all (not even microplastics!) and all of their items are biodegradable and compostable.

4. Give up plastic

This one is a little more difficult to keep up with, we have to admit. But small acts will eventually evolve into bigger ones, so don’t be afraid to take those baby steps!

One way of reducing your use of plastic is to bring a tote bag (or any reusable bag) when doing your errands. They’re perfectly fine for carrying your goods, so make sure to always say refuse from using plastic bags when at stores.

Another way you can go about it is to avoid items with plastic packaging. Instead of buying pre-packed items like meat or vegetables, drop by your local market instead and buy them per kilo. This way, you can set a limit on how much food you’ll be consuming in a certain time period, and at the same time, you’re cutting down on plastic.

If there are any stores in your area that allow you to bring your own containers for pantry items, feel free to take advantage of this offer! This kind of shopping method means you only pay for what you need, so you can expect to save some cash here.

These are only a few of the strategies that you can do to reduce waste in your home. For best results, try to get the whole family in it with you! That way, you all collectively have a smaller environmental footprint, ultimately making you one step closer to saving our planet.

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