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12 Jun

How to Best Purchase and Utilize Hair Extensions

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Whenever you see famous celebs on the red carpet or in interviews, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that their amazing tresses are all- natural. However, most ladies make use of hair extensions to add volume, length,and some “va-va-voom” to their manes.

Of course, it’s a bit simpler for famous, rich women to add this kind of magic to their look, since they have their own hairdresser and stylist on call to do all the work for them. Don’t be put off though — today, buying and utilizing hair extensions is more affordable, easier and quicker than ever before. If you’re keen to try out extensions, read on for some tips you can follow today.

Understand the Difference Between Product Types

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Before you spend money on extensions, it’s important to understand the various types available. For example, when it comes to affordable hair extensions, the lowest-priced options are synthetic. While these are easier to spot as “fake” hair, they’re the most cost-effective choices, too.

Alternatively, there’s extensions made from human hair. These cost more, but are the top preference for most ladies because they give a more natural-looking result. As the top option, there are extensions made from virgin human hair. This means the hair has never been colored or processed in the past. As such, it can be styled, cut and colored according to your preferences.

There are also choices to make as far as how hair extensions attach. If you just need something that gives you a short-term look, for a wedding day or other special event, it pays to select clip-in hair extensions. These are easy on the wallet and don’t require you to see a hairstylist to put them in. When cared for carefully, they’ll last for up to a couple years, too.

If you’re keen to get a more permanent look, consider purchasing tape-in, sewn-in or bonded hair extensions. Taped-in products are attached to the roots of your hair, using double-sided tape. The extensions have customizable wefts and last around six to eight weeks. Sew-in extensions (also called ‘weaves’) are small hair strips which are woven in using thread. They last approximately two months. Bonded hair extensions (also called ‘glue-ins’) are the most permanent choice. They’re bonded to your hair using hot, ultrasonic waves and last from three to five months typically.

Consider What Will Suit Your Specific Needs Best

beautiful hair extensions

To get the most value for money, always choose hair extensions carefully and know exactly what you’re after. It’s best to buy extensions from a shop or salon that specializes in selling the products and that only stocks quality brands. Buy the best extensions your budget will allow, so you’ll get the most wear out of them as possible.

Next, think about the end results you’re after. For instance, do you want the product to make your hair look longer, fuller, or both? If it’s more length you’re after, you’ll need to wait until your existing hair reaches three inches or more in length, for the best look. On the other hand, if it’s a natural look you want to obtain or else something customized for you, shop for individual strands. These are helpful in filling in gaps in your tresses and can be used to help you change up the color or length of your mane.

Pros and Cons of Using Hair Extensions

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Lastly, before putting down money on extensions, think about the pros and cons of using them. Obviously, when it comes to benefits, the major one is that you get instantly longer, thicker or lustrous-looking locks and can change up your hairstyle without waiting weeks or months for your own hair to grow. Another benefit is that with so many options these days, there really is something to suit every taste and budget.

As far as negatives go, extensions can set you back a bit, particularly if you opt for high-end products. You need to be sure you’ll wear the extensions enough to make the cost worth it. Keep in mind that you may not just have to pay for the hair itself but also for a stylist to apply them and to maintain them over time.

Another issue that can crop up is extensions that end up damaging your own hair. This is mostly to do with the older-style glue-in hair extensions (some outlets may still be selling them) which burned some people’s scalps when applied. Another con to consider, but only if you choose synthetic hair extensions, is that your styling options will be limited. The synthetic fibers can’t be blow dried, colored, heated or otherwise changed as this can damage the fibers.

Finding the Right Fit for You

Hair extensions come in all types of colors and lengths. It is important to find some that fit your style. With some many options, it can be easy to get anxiety when choosing. Just go with what you feel looks good on you. Hair extensions can be a great way to give your hairdo that extra flare you’ve been looking for!

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