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3 Apr

How to Have a Fashionable Date Night

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Whether it’s your first, fifth or fiftieth date night, knowing what to wear can sometimes be confusing. Should you dress to impress or take a more casual line? Will the same outfit be suitable whether you’re going to the movies or to watch a sporting event? Who do you go to for advice when you’re not sure what to do? If you’re young, it’s probably going to be your friends you turn to but as you get older, there are so many magazines, websites and online blogs where you can look for inspiration. Not that having so much advice available makes the decision any easier.

If you’ve got a date night coming up in the near future, here are some ideas for what you can do together with some fashion tips.

Dinner Date

couple during a date night

Dinner dates always used to be more formal affairs, but things have become far more casual. Not that there’s anything wrong with dressing to impress, especially if it’s the first date. The little black dress will never go out of fashion, and you’re able to jazz it up and make sure you’re looking fashionable with the latest accessories.

An Evening in a Trendy Bar

You want to stand out from all the others, so whatever you choose to wear has to make a statement. If it’s summer and the evenings are warm, why not stand out with a classic white blazer and black shorts combination? Add heels to show off your toned summer legs. With such a simple outfit, your accessories have to match. A simple pair of studs with a set of pearls around your neck complement this type of outfit perfectly.

Sports Events

Sportswear is incredibly fashionable right now, so if your partner wants to head to a sporting event, this is your time to shine. For instance, impress your date with your race-inspired outfits if they want to see the Indy 500. Checkered fabrics are a must for this event as you’ll find out when you drive to the racetrack and see all the checkered flags in people’s front yards. If you’re a regular race fan and have got the best Indy 500 tickets, don’t forget to wear your vintage racing jacket.

The Movies

happy couple

Do you really need to worry about what you’re wearing when you’re sat in the dark for a couple of hours? Of course you do because you’ve got to get there in the first place and then there’s always the option of drinks afterwards. Smart casual is the best approach as in jeans and a shirt.

A Date Night at Home

When you’re in a steady relationship, date nights don’t always involve going out. Sometimes it’s nice just to curl up on the sofa together and enjoy an evening of Netflix. The softest jersey fabric is essential for this kind of date, and it has to be something you won’t mind getting covered in popcorn or potato chip crumbs.

An Outdoor Date

couple on a bike

Wearing fashionable outfits for this kind of date really depends on how far outdoors you’re planning to go. Hiking through a forest or up a mountain doesn’t lend itself well to fashionable attire. There are, however, some good looking hiking outfits you can try but it’s advisable to go for the layered look, especially if you’re planning to go in and out of eateries and watering holes along the way.

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