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22 Dec

Old Hollywood Glamour Never Looked So Fresh

marilyn monroe

Springtime is all about renewal – out with the old and in with the new! Though this trend is constant in the fashion world, signature staples of old hollywood glamour never go out of style. From to Jackie O – these famous icons have paved the way for modern designers. Much like a ‘69 Camaro; some things only get trendier with time. This spring, “class up” your wardrobe by following some of these simple tips.

old hollywood

Old Hollywood glamour comes out for an encore

Elegant Accessories

Throw out your hoops and “bling” and exchange them for elegant accessories. Simple gold bangles, pearl necklaces and diamond studs are all that you need to execute the posh looks of famous celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Nails should be clean and clear, but if opting for a colour, should be red, nude or pastel. To fire it up a notch, seek an 50’s-esque, belted sun hat to shield your face from the “paparazzi.”


Elegant high-quality accessories will bring some red carpet style

Add a pair of large, dark shades to enhance the ritzy effect. If beachbound, opt for a straw hat, or a hat made of lighter material. Oh, and don’t forget your sultry, signature scent. Go for something robust and glamorous, like Coco Chanel.

Dress to Impress

old hollywood inspired

Ready to infuse your style with some old-school Hollywood sex appeal?

Old hollywood glamour is all about refinement. Everything that is touching your body should be simple and classic. Colour palettes should consist of white, grey, black and red. Dresses and ensembles generally highlight one exceptional aspect of your physique, while covering everything else.

For instance, if wearing a short, black dress, there should be limited, visual cleavage. High-heels should never be the “new age heels” which are chunky at the base with exaggerated, spiked-heels. There is a difference between “hollywood glamour” and “pinup, rockabilly glamour.” Some of the high-profile looks are hard to achieve because of expenses. Because of this, try shopping at vintage, consignment shops.

Clean, Kempt and Polished


The modern glam-queen of today is primped and polished. Hair should be a natural colour, with optional highlights. Makeup should be lighter in colour, and should simply accentuate the lips, the eyes and cheekbones. Eyebrows should be slightly thicker, but still clean and maintained. For foundation, use a mineral base to obtain a natural glow. Lipstick (if choosing to accentuate the lips) should be either a natural colour, a dark colour or a red – no bright pinks or fluorescent corals. Gloss should be light, if worn at all (traditional lipsticks were rich and velvety, not sparkly or shiny). Eyes should focus on liner, not shadow. For a sexy vintage eye, go a bit smoky on the liner, but with no shadow (unless it’s a base colour). Use a satiny liquid-liner with a precision tip. A slight cat-eye will only enhance the “high-class” mystery complemented by the makeup.

Old hollywood glamour can be seen on nearly every red carpet event. As new fashions emerge, simple “staples” still remain in tact. To look elegant and timeless, stick to the roots of high-profile, American fashion. In twenty years, you’ll still be in style!

marilyn monroe

Inspirational: Marilyn Monroe