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20 Jan

The Most Popular Women’s Hairstyles As Of Late

Miranda Kerr hair

As the old year comes to an end and the New Year unfolds, it is good time to summarize. In the terms of celebrity beauty there is a wave of sought-after women’s that women have been choosing in various hair salons across the country. Following the latest fashion trends, it is no big surprise that the most popular hair trends have been: pretty ballerina buns, long locks of hair inspired with Victoria’s Secret models, and braids of any kind.

Ballerina bun

hair bun

Cute ballerina bun is a flattering hairstyle for women with round faces. Flickr

Ballerina buns have taken on a whole new level, thanks to popular celebs like and . This simple women’s hairstyle is great for a casual day off, but it can also be a glamorous option for the evening. Celebrities have been pulling off a slicker version a ballerina bun on the red carpet. When recreating the look, remember not to go overboard with styling, surely you would not like to be accused of trying too hard! It seriously has to look like you just rushed home from work and threw your hair up. The key to pull off the look flawlessly is to use a sock or a sponge looking bun maker to create the big donut looking bun.

Gorgeous locks of hair

Miranda Kerr hair

Hair is Victoria’s Secret weapon and this is what knows for sure. Credit

To put it in a nutshell, this women’s hairstyle has been popularised especially by Victoria’s Secret models. To get this flawless look, spritz a texturizing spray throughout hair while wet. Blow dry with a round brush. Then, apply a curling iron to hair, but let go of the iron quickly, rather than holding the curl for a few seconds, in order to create waves instead of tight curls. Run fingers through hair to break up curls. Also, braid and twist sections of hair from the top of head, letting the ends run loose into the rest of your hair. Voila! So young and fresh!

Braids of any kind

side French braid

Loose side French braid. Credit

Girls from The Hills just the braided look. Lauren has always been sporting a braided headband look or a side braid to one side at the top of her head. To recreate Lauren’s look, just part your hair to one side and take about a one inch section at the front of her hair, and braid it only halfway. Secure with a band that matches your hair. Whitney also likes to wear her hair in a braided hippie look, creating almost a headband. Ever try this women’s hairstyle yourself? Start with parting hair in the middle. Braid or twist sections on both sides of your head and pull together to make the ends meet in the back. Secure both braids in the back.