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5 Sep

Patriotic Fashion: Union Jack

Union Jack iPhone Case

Getting patriotic has never been so stylish, thanks to our friends for putting this post together! With the Olympics and Paralympics recently taking place, everyone is looking for stylish and elegant patriotic fashion. Your face caps and t-shirts are fine if you are relaxing, but what about hitting the streets, you don’t want to go overboard, yet you do want to show your support.

Nail Art

Union Jack (British flag) nail art tutorial – Royal wedding, olympics or casual

For women, when having your nails done or whether you are doing them at home, you can choose a subtle, stylish and elegant design without overdoing it. Red, white and blue polish is all you need to paint the flag onto each nail, a fun and colourful way to show your support. Today you can buy stick on nails already with the flag design or you can ask your nail technician to do it for you. You can bling them up or keep them on the low key, either way the flag nails are guaranteed to grab attention without being tacky.

Patriotic Shoes

Iron Fist Union Jack Heels

Iron Fist Jacked Up Blue Platform Heels

Imagine elegant platforms with heels beautifully designed to the highest standard in UK patriotic colours of red, blue and white. A stylish way to go out while rooting for your team during the Olympics or any other major event. Every woman loves shoes and with the flag colours, these shoes are guaranteed to compliment any outfit, enabling you to show your patriotic side while remaining elegant.

iPhone Case

Union Jack iPhone Case

Union Jack Rhinestone Diamante Case for iPhone 4 iPhone 5

Bling and beautiful, this iPhone case is the perfect accessory when rooting for your country’s team. Designed to the highest quality without being overbearing or overpowering when out and about, this is your own unique way to be patriotic without wearing the UK colours. If you aren’t a person who loves bling, there are many UK flag choices when it comes to smart phone cases, you can get them for just about any of the phones on the market without the crystals, offering you the ability to remain true to your team in a stylish way.

Make Up

Red White and Blue Cut Crease Look – a Bit of a Failtorial!

Do you want to be patriotic without wearing obvious caps and shirts when going out? You can show your flag colours proudly without being too obvious by using eye shadow, stylishly designed eyes can incorporate the colours and enable you to be patriotic in a stylish and elegant way. If you are heading to a party, you can paint the flag onto your eye lids, but that is going a little overboard for everyday use. You want to be able to use the colours, show your support without being too obvious.


Religion Union Jack Print Leggings

Patriotic Print Leggings

Leggings have become the must have item in any woman’s wardrobe. Leggings have made a comeback offering comfort and style for any occasion. Now you can be patriotic, rooting for your country at any time with stylishly designed patriotic leggings. You can get them in a choice of flags from the US to the UK. These leggings are stylish and can be incorporated into your wardrobe for fun nights on the town or whether just heading down to the local store.

There are a wide variety of patriotic fashion choices available from hair bands to shoes; it’s finding the one that you think suits you without looking cheap.