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Ralph Lauren turtleneck
New Ways to Style a Turtleneck
Cozy and chic, a simple turtleneck is a luxe sweater weather staple. Although every woman has at least one turtleneck in her wardrobe and certainly knows how to wear it, a turtleneck has undergone a major fashion update.
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6 Ways To Wear Your Favourite Plaid
Since plaid is a must-have pattern for cold-weather styles, it is no surprise this fall season it gets a fashionable upgrade. Rooted in the classics, the plaid will satisfy fans of heritage-style clothing, outdoor enthusiasts and sophisticated ladies alike.
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woman in a trench coat
Trench Coats That Save The Day
If there is one item a woman cannot live without in spring, it is a basic, functional, and well-tailored trench coat. During the tricky trans-seasonal months, the trench coat saves the day, especially when it is windy or rainy.
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4 Apr

Shoes to Pair with the Top Must-Have Spring Fashion Trends

Spring brings to mind the cool, calming effect of a gradual change in season. For you, one of the millions of fashion followers, it prompts the transition from thick, high-cut boots to casual yet ultra-stylish slip ons. You’ve put to heart Fashion Allure’s article about ‘Spring 2016 Fashion Must-Haves,’ but to really complete the simple and easy look this season fosters, you have to know how to pair these with shoes.

First off, to achieve a fashion freedom that covers all seasons, Lyst suggests you should “ensure your shoe collection has every silhouette it needs with everything from timeless classics to runway-worthy creations.” Since this season leans toward a lighter, more dazzling palette, here’s a basic guide of what shoes to pair with each of the top must-have fashion trends this spring.

The Shades of Orange

sneakers photosneakers photo by nikolaysemenov

Again, as a rule of thumb: it’s vital to emphasize that the lighter your skin color is, the subtler shade of orange your dress should be. Now when it comes to your shoes, you can rock simple, neutral-colored flats or earth tone sneakers. If you have more flare, you can even go as far as wearing metallic gold patent-leather pumps.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

kitten heel photo

kitten heel photo by spera.de

This season highlights the well-defined features the previous spell so desperately hides. In addition, versatility takes the stage with outfits that can be worn either for a nine to five office job or a much-needed night out with friends. To achieve this laidback look, any style of an off-the-shoulder top – whether it’s a cut-out shoulder shirt or button-down piece – go well with a chic kitten heel. That way, you effectively mix business with pleasure all the way.


block heels photo

block heels photo by Idhren

Embracing the great 90s era is easy during spring season. You’ll see the emergence of the chic, mega-ruffles paired with timeless slip-ons or block heels. The key for choosing the right pair of shoes is you have to go as minimal as you can and let the dress speak for your overall look. Just keep in mind WhoWhatWhere’s guide to the shoe colors that go well with every outfit.

Bell-Sleeve Dresses

gladiator sandal photo

gladiator sandal photo by …love Maegan

Incorporating this style takes you even further back to the 60s and 70s, during the time when people are as steady as a cat. In terms of shoes, you can opt for a more relaxed look with essential black booties, or go high fashion with edgy gladiator sandals or elegant mules.

Gladiator sandal photo by apairandaspare

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