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27 Nov

Swimsuit: Choosing The Fit For Your Type

woman in a bikini

When it’s time to hit the beach, chill beside the pool, or hang out with your friends, you would need a swimsuit or two for the occasion. It can be challenging to buy swimsuits because there are so many to choose from. There are hundreds of designs from numerous brands and pick one that makes you feel confident and comfortable to move around, can be quite the task.

Taking away attention

white swimsuit

You may want to get women swimsuits that accentuate areas of your body that you are proud of and make certain areas look more shapely and smaller. For plus-size women or mothers who want to embrace the curves around their mid-section, some tummy control can do. You can also get two-piece swimsuits with bottoms that have a good grip to help cinch in your waist and give the appearance of a smaller belly.

To make your upper body the star of the show and take away attention from your lower body, wear your swimsuits with a pair of shorts or sarong and choose a bra in a design that helps to create cleavage or give the upper body a fuller look.

Dressing Your Body Type

Before you can get or any other type of clothing, it is important to know your body type. Your body type can determine the design of the swimsuit you wear and what will show your body in the best light. There are different body types and they are:

· Apple: People with this body type, have a rounder body with the waist having a little definition. Their upper body is a bit broad and the lower body appears narrow. To dress this body type, you’ll need clothes with a vertical design to give a slimmer appearance. These clothes should possess features that support the stomach and give it more distinction.

· Pear: This is also known as the triangle body shape. Here, the shoulders and bust are narrow with the hips and lower body being wider. People with this body shape tend to have a defined waistline and wear clothes that show it off.

· Rectangle: This is the straight or banana body type. The shoulders, bust, and hips, have the same measurements.

· Hourglass: For this body type, the hips and bust are nearly the same in size with a narrow waist. People with this body shape have their legs and upper body almost proportionate to each other.

Every body type is beautiful and there are several swimsuits for women designed to accentuate each of these body types. Knowing your body type is easy as you only need to measure specific parts of your body like the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips to discover it.

Types to have in your wardrobe

girl in a bikini

Bikinis are a must-have for every lover of swimwear. They are available in different designs like the string bikini. A one-piece swimsuit is great to have for days where you want a bit of cover but don’t want to give up on elegance.

For tops, you need to have a bandeau, halter top, a one-shoulder top, longline, and a bandini. You can pair these tops with different bottoms like a high waist, high cut, boy shorts, or the classic brief.

Adding Other Elements to your jumpsuit

Cover-up items should be something light, airy, and easy to remove. You are going to be under the sun for a while and need something that would make you feel comfortable.

A sarong or some shorts are good if you want to cover your lower body along. For a cover-up, you can go with a light tunic, oversized shorts, or kimono.

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