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7 Oct

The Best Pantyhose and Compression Socks Ever

compression socks

Whether I’m after a business-casual look or more formal attire, I know that the right choice of pantyhose can give me a polished, professional style. It’s a dilemma that every working girl understands: finding the perfect pair of pantyhose that fits comfortably and can endure the rigors of the 40-hour week.


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Lucky for us, I’ve found the perfect! pair of pantyhose, and I’m excited to share this information with my readers. It was really important for me to find a pair with a comfortable band at the top since I usually wear them for several hours at a time.

After scouring the Internet for reviews and comparing the options, I came across a nude pair of pantyhose. On a whim – and perhaps due to the over-the-top positive customer feedback – I decided to splurge on a second pair in black for the winter months.
My first impression was the same as my opinion after donning these legwear for several weeks: I love them! And I highly recommend them for ladies who are looking for a perfect fit that lasts.

These pantyhose match almost any attire, but they go especially well with my Charlotte Olympia kitty flats and a nice dress – a winning combination for work or going out with friends. They also add slight pressure to my legs, and according to the therafirm.com website, this compression design offers a number of healthful benefits – from preventing blood clots to speeding up recovery.


Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats 😻 Available at danielfootwear.com

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Daniel Footwear (@danielfootwear)

Inspired by my newfound knowledge of compression clothing, I decided to browse therafirm.com’s other garments. Among the most popular items were compression socks, and here’s why:
Compression Socks Help You Exercise in Style

Compression socks are a godsend for any fitness enthusiast. Because they encourage blood circulation, your muscles can absorb more oxygen and therefore heal quicker. These socks also prevent swelling in the ankles and legs, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

These garments come in a variety of styles with different levels of pressure. I was personally attracted to the knee-high versions because they don’t even look like compression socks! They’re just an attractive addition to a polished look, and they go great with a skirt and a pair of ankle boots.

Compression Socks Make Travelling Safer

If you’re planning a trip – especially if you’re travelling alone – compression socks can literally save your life. Sitting for long periods of time with your knees bent, such as in a car or on an airplane, can lead to potentially fatal blood clots. WebMD explains how compression socks cut your risk of developing clots while flying because they promote healthy blood circulation.

Compression Socks Prevent Swollen Ankles during Pregnancy

compression socks photo

compression socks photo by AngryJulieMonday

All my pregnant ladies should check out compression stockings or socks to help with those poor swollen ankles and legs. Compression tights or leggings can help curb the swelling, too. Pairing some compression leggings with a loose, comfy sweater or T-shirt is a surefire way to show the world that soon-to-be mothers can look over-the-top stylish.

Gone are the days when compression socks were boring and ugly. Break the mold and do something positive for your health by investing in stylish compression clothing.

Women tights photo by State Library of New South Wales collection

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