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Ralph Lauren turtleneck
New Ways to Style a Turtleneck
Cozy and chic, a simple turtleneck is a luxe sweater weather staple. Although every woman has at least one turtleneck in her wardrobe and certainly knows how to wear it, a turtleneck has undergone a major fashion update.
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girl wearing plaid scarf
6 Ways To Wear Your Favourite Plaid
Since plaid is a must-have pattern for cold-weather styles, it is no surprise this fall season it gets a fashionable upgrade. Rooted in the classics, the plaid will satisfy fans of heritage-style clothing, outdoor enthusiasts and sophisticated ladies alike.
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Trench Coats That Save The Day
If there is one item a woman cannot live without in spring, it is a basic, functional, and well-tailored trench coat. During the tricky trans-seasonal months, the trench coat saves the day, especially when it is windy or rainy.
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28 Sep

A Girl’s Guide To Wearing Leggings this Fall and Winter

leather look leggings

Remember when leggings were just plain black? Then they started coming in gray, brown, and neutrals. Then, they started making them metallic, leathery and liquid-like. Now, we are zipping (or unzipping) and slashing them. There are endless possibilities for the styles of leggings. The variety of leggings and the way they fit, make them the most comfortable pair of pants ever. Plus, they are the ultimate fall/winter layering device – they go with or under everything.

Leather look

leather look leggings

Leather look leggings are trending in 2014

Leather is definitely on board with making a statement for the Fall 2015 season. Whether you plan to recreate the on-trend rocker chic look or just to inject some leather details into your wardrobe, be sure that these leggings are a great addition for any fall winter outfits. Matte leather look or just faux leather leggings are the budget-saving alternative to the real leather ones. Also, they are usually more comfortable and more stretchy especially when combined with other fabrics such as cotton.

Printed or patterned

Paisley Patterned Leggings

Patterned leggings are hot for fall

I do in fact love how tights are coming in all colours and prints. Since the holidays are coming up (in a few months, I know) and New Year’s, little black dresses are still hot, but it will be just too cold to go bare-legged. This is where leggings come in! Printed or patterned legging really amps up that little black dress and help you stay warm in the coldest part of the year.

Metallic leggings

Jessica Alba wearing blue sequin leggings

Jessica Alba in Isabel Marant sequin leggings

Leggings with an edge! Got some hot holiday parties coming up this December? And of course, there is New Year’s! It is ALL about the glammed look of shiny, sparkly, and sequins. Twinkle in sequined, metallic or liquid leggings that scream dazzling style. Pair your bold leggings with a white blouse or a tuxedo jacket for the ulitmate fashion experience.

Wet look leggings

Siwy Denim liquid silver pants

Siwy Denim leggings

This season, designers are relying on glossy finishes on both womens and mens clothing. This means getting geared up with PVC leggings and vinyl outerwear. Wet leggings are a kind of dominatrix look and therefore they are widely criticised. However, it is still possible to wear them in style. Need a proof? Even the most style-conscious stars like Kate Moss, and Nicole Scherzinger are wearing them.

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