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3 Sep

Celebrity Secret to Looking Sleek and Slim

woman in a black lingerie

Today’s full body shapewear has evolved and come a long way from the uncomfortable and itchy control-top pantyhose of yesterday. Celebrities and socialites are often very candid when asked about their secret to fitting into form-fitting dresses on the red carpet. More often than not, full body shapewear is their secret to looking fit and trim in body-hugging dresses.

Spanx Higher Power Control Brief - Black
Today’s modern woman may not be looking to fit into a couture gown, but she wants to look sleek and streamlined in her favourite power suit or summer sun dress. Department stores, lingerie shops, and even discount retailers are all carrying an extensive collection of full body shapewear for women of all shapes and body types. While many of the most popular and comfortable full body shapewear pieces can be costly, there are many options that are just as affordable and well made for those women on a tight budget.

Manufacturing Has Come a Long Way

Manufacturing and technological advancements in garment production have changed the way shapewear pieces fit and feel. Women who need more tummy control will be pleased to find full body shapewear pieces with extra control panels in the tummy area that are designed to really cinch the waist. Women who are looking for more bust support and minimizing will be pleased to find shapewear pieces that offer one-piece styling, comfortable underwire, adjustable straps, and tons of lift and support.

Spanx Look At Me Control Leggings - Black
There are even shapewear pieces that are designed to enhance a woman’s body. Women who desire a more shapely rear can actually purchase shapewear that offers built in padding in the rear. The same technology is often built into shaping garments that are designed to enhance the bust. Women have a multitude of options for accentuating their positive traits and minimizing their perceived body flaws with today’s shaping garments.

Shopping for the Perfect Shapewear Pieces

Shopping for the perfect shaping garment can take some time. Specialty boutiques and lingerie stores are often the perfect place to start. While the prices may be a bit higher at these establishments, the personalized service representatives and fitting attendants can customize your shopping experience and help you find the ideal shaping garment for your needs in less time.

Spanx New And Slimproved Thigh And Tummy Control Power Panties - Nude
Once you know the type of shaping garment that will best suit your needs, it will be easier to find more affordable options at discount retailers. When shopping at discount retailers, it is often very important to inspect the shaping garments and try them on in the fitting room, if possible. Many of these stores carry “seconds.” These types of items often have irregularities that occur during the manufacturing process. Stitching errors and misaligned seams are commonly found on pieces marked as “irregular” or “second.” Trying on these pieces in the store will let you know if the manufacturer defects are visible and interfere with the shapewear’s performance or design.

Whether you shop at a discount retailer or an upscale department store, always inspect your full body shapewear pieces carefully. Extra padding at the bra straps, wide-set straps, lightweight fabrics, smooth paneling, and tightly-woven stitching are all signs that a shapewear piece is made well and will stand the test of time. The right shapewear garment can instantly boost a woman’s confidence by giving the illusion of a slimmer, sleeker physique.