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2 Feb

Date-Night Outfit Ideas Your Partner Will Love

couple on a date

Let’s face it ladies, if he’s wining you, dining you and spoiling you then the least you can do is dress up for the occasion (after all, we only have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of pampering once a year, during the Valentine’s Day!).

There are some wonderful outfits, accessories and lingerie that you can wear to impress your many on your date. So, let’s be a bit naughty, and look at the best fashion ideas and inspirations out there in the order that you’re going to take them off! (Oh, how rude!)

Dress to Impress

red dress

No matter what your size, shape or figure there’s a dress out there to make your man’s heart flutter. Remember, a dress and heels combo is all about the confidence and the posture. Walk with pride and behave like a lady and your man will adore spending time with the elegant feminine you.

It’s no secret that men love the colour red. It’s statically proven that given the choice between a women in a red dress, and a women in a blue dress the red always wins. If you are looking to wow your guy on the first date choose a red slimming cocktail dress, or a red top. However, head to toe red is not something to go for, no one likes the red hot look.

Lace is one of this season’s big fabrics, and this absolutely stunning short, red lacey dress is bound to get your man a little excited. Pair with a little black belt, a black clutch and some stunning heels (or white alternatives to all) to turn your man’s head (and the head’s of a few other men too!) At just $98 this is a dress you can style up or down, depending on your occasion.

This season’s best dresses have all focused on covering up the chest rather than having it on show, creating a really classy outfit that is still super sexy.

Shoes are the ultimate accessory

woman high heels

As far as the shoes are concerned we all know that men love heels. Flats may be functional, but what your man really wants to see you wearing is a killer set of heels, so don’t let him down; especially as there are some cracking heels that can pair up with your outfit.

Try dazzling your prince with some sparkly stilettos for under $50. Alternatively go with one of this season’s biggest looks with a set of metallic sandals. Again you can pick up these stunning shoes for under $50.

If these shoes aren’t for you then you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of black heels. Don’t distract your man from making eye contact.


Add Glamour with Accessories

watch for a woman

No outfit is complete without a few accessories to accentuate the key details. A long necklace that draws attention to your bosom is bound to put a big smile on your man’s face.

Keep the necklace simple, and don’t be shy of going for a cliché heart based necklace. Match the necklace to a nice set of sparkly earrings, and wear your hair down and natural to remind your man of everything he loved abut you from the moment he met you.

If you’re wearing a dress then why don’t you accentuate your figure with a simple belt across the waist? If you’re wearing a dress, decorate your wrist with a delicate bracelet (and be sure to wear his favourite perfume to drive him absolutely wild).

Guys have varying opinions about make up one reflecting the theory that less is more. Don’t forget to wear a little makeup to create the ‘come to bed’ eyes look. We found that smokey eyes are a slippery slope to try – no guy wants to be on a date with a well-dressed raccoon. Now throw some colour on to those lips! Use a flavoured lip gloss as a top coat to make your lips as kissable as possible.

Last but Not Least… Lovely Lingerie

red lingerie

So, your night is coming to an end, and you both know where this is heading. You’ve both had a fabulous evening, and it’s only just starting. But, the last thing your man wants to see after a fun and flirtatious evening is your every day bra and knickers! The night calls for sexy lingerie, and if you’re wearing a lovely lacy number under your date night dress you’ll feel even sexier than usual.

Red lingerie screams passion, romance and lust, however, if you think red lingerie is a little cliché then you can always opt for the classic black or white lingerie. Avoid the thong and opt for French knickers to add a touch of class (and not trash) to your sexy lingerie outfit.

This fantastic duo costs just around $30 for the two, and after your Valentine’s Day date you can be sure you’ll often hear your man say, “You know that lingerie you wore on that night…”