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15 Jun

The Best Time to Buy Home Décor and Indoor Furniture

beautiful bedroom

Nothing is as satisfying as having your home neatly arranged and organized. You want your home to be the best place to spend time with your loved ones. Having the right furniture at the right place and complementing it with the right home décor will complete the look.

There can be ideal home décor and indoor furniture that you may be eying. It can be that you saw it at a friend’s home, at a furniture show, movie, or online. You will desire to own this item, but the lack of funds can be a limiting factor. You don’t have to give up as you can save and purchase the item. Besides savings, you can wait for the time of the year when the product is sold cheaply. With great discounts, you can find relief and end up buying the same item at a relatively lower price. Who’s the winner now? You’ll get the ideal furniture you want and end up saving much. Below is a list of the best times to find the best deals for home décor and indoor furniture.

January and July

lounge sofa

At every end of winter and summer, new furniture hits the showroom floors. This means that retailers will be looking forward to disposing of old stock. This furniture would be sold at lower prices. For instance, when you want to buy barn door hardware for your barn door, this would be the best time to shop for it. These items don’t go with the trend, and an old stock still serves the purpose. You have to look for a classy item and an ideal addition to your interior design.

As much as the two months can be ideal months to buy indoor furniture, July still beats January. During January, it is winter, and the snowy weather will make it hard to ship the furniture home. Also, overall sales for furniture go down during summer, including July. People are concerned about holidays and the prices of items not in demand, like indoor furniture.

Holiday Weekends

woman during pandemic

Holiday weekends are also great days to buy any other item, home décor and indoor furniture included. Typical holiday weekends include Black Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents’ Day, Cyber Monday, the Fourth of July, and Valentine’s Day. During these days, people celebrate and retailers want to celebrate with their clients. Therefore, they would provide offers and great discounts for items they sell.

When you are planning to buy indoor furniture, it is recommended that you save until a specific holiday weekend. You can be surprised to save more since you’ll find the item at a discounted price. Holiday weekends’ offer applies to both online and in stores.

Even though Valentine’s Day is in February when new stock is launched in retail stores, you can still find celebrity-influenced furniture at discounted prices. All you need to do is save and monitor the item you want to buy and see if there are any offers.

Amazon Prime Day

woman working from home

During Amazon Prime Day, the world-leading online retailer provides excellent offers for any item sold on the platform. Therefore, saving up for the coveted home décor can be a good idea for such a day. Even if the item is not available on Amazon, you don’t need to worry. On this day, other stores, both online and in-store, compete with Amazon. Therefore, they’ll also have great offers for any item you want to buy.

Sign Up for Emails

Retailers do send emails and newsletters to both loyal and potential clients for any offers they have. Therefore, when you covet a particular home décor from a specific retailer, you can sign up for their emails. When they have offers and discounts for that item, you’ll be notified. You can save much by buying the product at a discounted price, rather than breaking the bank to buy it at the original price.

Buy Used Furniture

Durable items like furniture are good to go, even if they are used. However, ensure that the item is slightly used and still appears new. The good thing with used items is finding the exact item at a lower price. Websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay, are common for selling used items.

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