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6 Oct

Three Interesting Things to do in your Spare Time as a Creative

woman in art gallery

As a creative person, you will often find that in your free time it is difficult to find things to do that properly stimulate you. Always looking for something fresh and new, you are most likely the kind of person who loves to try out new things and gain new experiences while you’re away from work and the responsibilities of everyday life. However, for all your creative talents, it can still be a drag having to think of new things to do when you just want to be able to start. In order to help you out, this quick guide will give you three great ideas to get your mind engaged and planning your next day off so that you are able to make the most of your time.

Making your brain work

woman think photo

Finding something to do that gets your brain thinking and your creative juices flowing is your main goal for your free time, and one great idea is to rally around a few of your friends and try out an Escape Room. Every escape room will have a different storyline and concept for you to wrap your head around as you and your mates have to solve puzzles, crack codes, and think outside of the box in order to escape before the timer runs out. This is a wonderful way to spend an evening bonding with those closest to you and having fun. A way to make this experience even more immersive is to find out what time period it is set in and all dress up like characters as you try and beat the puzzles.

A creative hobby

woman paint photo

If you are looking more for something you can do while solitary, then one great idea is to learn how to paint with free art guides on the internet. Even if you are not naturally the next Picasso, painting can have a very therapeutic and calming effect on those who do it regularly. Get some paint and canvas from a local art store and simply let your mind run free with what you do, after all, you can always paint over something if you decide you don’t like it or simply want to save some money. Another way of doing this is by finding some paint-by-numbers guides for adults which are rising in popularity and try your hand and recreating a classic Monet or Van Gogh.

The world is your stage

actress photo

A final idea you should try out, especially if you want to mix with a new group of people, is it join an amateur dramatic society. There are many benefits of joining an amateur drama group, such as becoming more self-confident or learning new skills, and alongside this, there are lots of things to do even if you are not keen on learning to act. For example, why not put your new painting skills to test and help make some background pieces for the set?

Now you have some ideas of things you can do to be creative in your spare time.

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