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10 Apr

Get The Scoop on the Best Summer Sunglasses Styles

Dolce & Gabbana Baroque Sunglasses

are the first thing many of us reach for each morning before we head out the door, and remain a permanent part of our lives each summer. Not only are they made for utility and protection, but they are also for design. Some people have multiple pairs of sunglasses, to serve for a variety of designs, daytime, fancy events, fun colours, and more. There are styles and colours available for pretty much any need out there.

With the summer now firmly upon us, there are many trends that have emerged this summer that many are following in their sunglasses purchases.

Ray-Ban Matte Blue Wayfarer

Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses are a cult classic accessory essential to every eyewear collection

One of the biggest styles making a comeback is the wayfarer. Originally popular in the 1960s as the ultimate beach sunglasses in places like California, they are back with a vengeance now. RayBan has updated the look, making the style available in a ton of colours, from white to the classic tortoiseshell.

Dolce & Gabbana Baroque Sunglasses

Antique effects with gold finishes, and curling roses adorn the new Sicilian Baroque Sunglasses

Another big style option for 2013 are the embellished sunglasses. These sunglasses will have a special design or accent on the frames that really call attention to them. They are fun and have plenty of personality which make them some of the best available shades for this summer.

An easy way to pump up your sunglasses this summer is to get them in colour. For so long, sunglasses were available in only a few options, but now, it’s a very different story. Sunglasses can now cover every colour in the rainbow and be made to match practically any outfit. If you love one particular style then think about investing in another pair or two in some fun colours to really make yourself pop.


In a similar vein to the coloured sunglasses are those that are made with patterned designs. Moving beyond the traditional tortoiseshell, sunglasses now can be patterned with flowers, animal prints, confetti, coloured flecks and more.

Ray-Ban Shiny Tortoise Sunglasses

Spotty tortoise-effect acetate frames: Ray-Ban Shiny Tortoise Sunglasses

For some styles, like the classic aviator lenses, they are always in vogue. Although there is not much stylistically that can be changed from the original design, they have a few different options from the sizes of the lenses to the colours of the frames.

Ray-Ban Arista Aviator Sunglasses

“Aviator” sunglasses are an iconic choice originally designed for fighter pilots

Some of the more retro looks have been coming back into style. One of those looks is the round sunglasses. The fun thing about round sunglasses is that they are a look that really makes a statement, and can go from a classic look to super trendy as well as from day to night. They also feature a number of sizes, from small to quite large.

Speaking of quite large, the oversized look is still around for this summer. It’s a fun way to really make a statement and follow the trend of many of your favourite Hollywood starlets. Stick with a classic black to work on blending with the working world, or get a bright colour to really pop.

Tom Ford round Sunglasses

Tom Ford’s oversized round frame sunglasses inject an edge of modern-vintage glamour into your outfit

It’s important when you are shopping for sunglasses to really understand which styles are those that will work best with the shape of your face. Some styles will work better than others, but with so many available options out there, chances are you will find plenty of sunglasses that you love quite easily.

Sunglasses are one of the best ways to perk up a look really easily. With so many options and styles for sunglasses available, it is also really fun. Sunglasses have gone a long way beyond using them for just form and function, they have truly become the must have accessory to add to any sort of outfit.

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