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31 Mar

3 Ways You Can Win Designer Clothes

woman in a tropical print dress

The industry has long been acknowledged as one of the most innovative in the world. Style and fashion are driving the globe and have become an increasingly integral part of the economy. Fashion houses influence the world, telling us how to dress and what to wear.

In the modern world, every situation has a particular, specific outfit, suiting it the best. The fashion industry has gone from being limited to the upmarket segment and female-oriented focus to being more diverse, affordable and inclusive than ever before. Fashion houses are now present in different corners of the world, making style accessible for everyone.

However, the fashion industry was not always as open and developed as it is today. The wave of influencing fashion designers and brands emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. European houses, such as and became incredibly popular soon after they were founded. The key role in the process was played by the rising movie industry both in Europe and the United States where celebrities started voicing global trends of fashion.

woman wearing rounded sunglasses

The emerging film scene across Europe and the United States made fashion more profitable than ever before. French actors or Hollywood stars would wear clothing pieces from iconic fashion houses during magazine photoshoots, inspiring millions to buy them. Today, seeing a celebrity pose in a scarf for dazzling camera flashlights is quite natural. Promotions and product placements are widespread and cover a diverse range of industries. However, back in the day, clothing pieces were still regarded as a means to cover the body by the vast majority of socially disadvantaged groups. That is why very few of the fashion houses that existed in the early days were all aimed at high-end audiences of the United States and Western Europe.

The 1970s and the 1980s were the real game-changers for the sector as first fashion shows and weeks inaugurated. Many are not aware, but fashion shows are fairly new phenomenons. The absolute majority of today’s globally influential weeks, such as those held in , Paris, Milan, and New York all gained momentum in the second half of the 20th century. Even then, shows’ organizers and participants had to overcome wide criticism from the conservative society.

Today, fashion is of utmost importance for many people around the world. This industry has a great impact on our daily lives. Some of the leading fashion houses are now focused more on contemporary, innovative and out of the box designs rather than traditional, outdated ones. They bring new trends to life and the global youth is loving it!

One of the best examples is – a Spain founded French fashion house that has been under the spotlight lately. Its creative director Demna Gvasalia managed to bring different cultural features to the brand’s clothing line. It is considered one of the most modern, thoughtful and valuable houses today.

Many people want to own designer clothes. Everyone can find something in the wardrobes of leading fashion houses that suits them. However, their price tag is often very high for average mid-income buyers, even in some of the richest countries. In an attempt to attract more customers, many companies have decided to offer designer clothing pieces as prizes. In this article, we gathered 3 ways to, at least try, and win designer clothes.

Casinos could be the way to do it

woman in the casino

Along with the rise of the internet culture, physical casinos started being replaced by digital gambling platforms. Surprisingly, designer clothes are often offered as prizes during fun competitions by such websites. There is an ever-expanding online VIP casino list that keeps becoming more and more innovative. The reason why designer clothes might be found on gambling platforms is hidden in their demographics.

Unlike physical venues, digital platforms are often visited by young customers, those who want to try gambling but have no money or time to visit actual, iconic casinos. Attracting them is not easy since generation Z-ers are more careful with spending than any other age group. Thus, many digital casinos have found designer clothes as a prize helpful in catching the eyes of the youth.

Giveaways – the social media hunt

internet couple

A soaring number of celebrities, internet personalities, influencers, and boutique shops organize online giveaways to attract further attention. Luxury designer pieces are some of the most widespread offers during such campaigns. Instagram stars, YouTubers and even some famous singers and actors make posts on social media, asking their followers to drop a comment, then choosing whom to give a piece.

Magazines and boutiques also offer such giveaways for special occasions. For example, the Fashion Magazine announced a major giveaway for its 35th anniversary in 2012. Tens of thousands entered the competition and the lucky ones won the prize!

Outlets – almost a win

woman shopping for clothes

In the end, winning a piece of designer clothing is not as easy. They are extremely expensive and wanted by millions. However, small savings might get everyone a piece from previous collections at an affordable price.

Outlet, as well as thrift shops, have been popping up in every major city in the past few years. They are immensely popular due to high-quality pieces and affordable price tags. Not the most traditional definition of a win, but make sure to check your local outlet, there might be some exquisite pieces on sale for almost nothing.

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