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22 Aug

4 Simple Ways to Choose a Bag that Complements your Outfit

woman wearing a beige bag

When it comes to accessories that can impact the appearance of a person, nothing beats a classy bag. Bags can be made with a wide variety of different materials, ranging from leather to skin. What makes the bag to be the top when it comes to accessories is the fact that it can complement an outfit. The right bag will be able to combine well with other outfits, no matter the nature of the outfit. However, the main issue is knowing how to choose the right bag that can complement your outfit. Below are some simple ways which you can use to choose the perfect bag for you.

1. Go for contrasting bags

Many people make the mistake of choosing bags that are the same color as their outfits. While this may work well for some outfits, it is very bad for other outfits. The best way to play it safe is by choosing a bag that contrasts the outfit. Due to this contrast, the elegance of the outfit will stand out. This will therefore complement the outfit more than if the bag was the exact color of the outfit. An example of this can be seen when a white dress is paired with a black bag. Needless to say, the dress will be complemented properly by the black bag. Therefore, always go for bags that contrast some of your outfits in the right manner.

classy camel bag

2. Go for bags in sync with your outfits

Naturally, some outfits have the general type of bag with which it goes well with. You mustn’t try to change some of this by trying to mix things up. While it is sometimes good to break the traditional rules of fashion, it can also go really bad. Some outfits generally go well with bags that can be seen through. If you know that your outfit is one of these, you must get this bag. Do not try to match up your outfit with the traditional bag, as it will not work well together. So try to go for bags that are in sync with your outfits.

3. Make sure that your bag complements other accessories

It is not uncommon to find people who have a lot of accessories aside from the standard bag. Accessories such as watches, glasses, and bracelets are sometimes worn by people to give a bolder expression. However, all these can go wrong if your bag does not complement the other accessories. When choosing a bag, try to consider other things aside from the outfit it will be worn with. Try to think about the other accessories which you will mix it with.

4. Choose the right material

Bags are now made with a large variety of different materials. Although it is not often noticed, the material sometimes affects the outfit with which it is matched. These materials all have different textures that may or may not suit the outfit. Before you just choose any bag, you need to consider the material the bag was made with. Go for materials that have a great texture and color that suits your outfit. By doing this, you will be able to match the right bags with the right outfits easily.

black leather handbag

Why Should Women Buy More Bags?

The sheer amount of bags that women own can be shocking at times. But this is not a waste of money, as it is very important. To further explain, below are some of the reasons why women should buy more bags.

1. Bags makes outfit matching easier

This is the major reason why women buy many bags. Bags help a lot when it comes to matching outfits which do not work well together usually. If you have two outfits that do not usually go well together, consider buying a bag that goes for both of them. With this bag, you will find that the two outfits will work well together as the bag is introduced.

2. Bags suit different occasions

Just as outfits suit different occasions, so do bags. Bags come in a wide range of different colors that all give off different qualities. Some bags may be casual, while others may be formal. So with enough bags, you will be able to get a bag that will suit any occasion. Therefore, this is another reason why women should buy more bags.

top handle bag

3. Bags suit different people

Bags are one of the few accessories which also give off a specific feeling. Although you might not notice it, the right combination of color and texture will give off a feeling. Therefore, women should buy more bags as they can suit every type of person.


A bag is an important accessory. Besides being functional, it can affect your outfit in many ways. So, always try your best to choose the right one for your outfit. Finally, a Tom Eva bag always does the magic. Aside from being affordable, Tom Eva bags are durable and stylishly crafted.

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