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4 Jul

Women Love Wearing Cotton Underwear

woman in a cotton underwear

Silk, rayon, blend mixtures of cotton and synthetic fibres, they all have their pros and cons, but in my opinion, none holds up to the simple advantages of cotton underwear. While other materials can be silkier, sexier and even thinner so that they show less, they also have disadvantages in that many synthetic fabrics hold in moisture and other problems. Whether you are a guy or a girl, wearing cotton underwear can benefit your health and your skin.

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Cotton Absorbs Moisture

Cotton is a thick, porous material that works to absorb moisture. What this means that whether you are a guy sweating in the sun or a girl with natural excretion in that area, cotton can help to keep you dry. Most of us know that moisture ‘down there’ can cause everything from a rash to a bacterial infection, which if you ask me, is something no one wants! If you have kids then you have probably noticed that almost all diapers use cotton inside. That is because it is great for absorbing even the tiniest bit of moisture, which might cause rash, or other problems, if left alone. You will probably also notice that most dish towels are cotton, just because of the fabric’s absorbent nature.

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Cotton lingerie is breathable

Cotton is also breathable. What that means is that air can flow through the pores in the cotton, meaning that you get the ventilation you need. Air flow is important for skin health, for staying dry and for avoiding unwanted odours. If you are prone to gas, cotton can also help to whisk these odours away as well, rather than trapping them close to your skin. Men can also benefit from cotton underwear because studies have shown that restricting garments with no air flow around the crotch area can cause a reduced semen count, which is bad for any want-to-be dad’s out there.

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Cotton Helps Prevent Infection

If you have ever gotten an infection, whether yeast (if you are a girl) or bacterial (if you are anyone), then you know it is not fun. I personally think that the best remedy to any problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Cotton helps to prevent infection because it is breathable and keeps moisture away from sensitive areas and allows aeration, which means that air is circulating through the material. All of these factors help to keep you free from bacteria. In fact, most studies show that someone with an infection can use cotton underwear as part of measures to get rid of the infection!

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It Is Comfortable

Last but not least, cotton is incredibly comfortable. Cotton is a very soft material that feels nice on the skin, does not bind against the skin to cause a rash and is suitable for all weather conditions. (Warm in winter, cool in summer). Most cotton panties are also made with small amounts of elastin, meaning that they can stretch to fit your body perfectly, for comfort and fit reasons. This means they will not bind (and give you a rash), and that you w will not be seeing them through your clothes.

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Cotton is also very affordable and can be found almost anywhere and in nearly every colour and print imaginable. Whether you want to wear designer underwear or the most basic of lingerie, you can probably find it in cotton. Best of all, cotton underwear is easy to clean, most likely won’t shrink in the wash and won’t ride up when you walk (if you wear the right size).

If you still are not convinced about the benefits of wearing cotton underwear, then I advise that you consider trying a pair on; just to see what you think about them!