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7 Dec

How to Pick the Perfect Homecoming or Prom Dress

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It’s easy to get stressed about your prom dress. This is the biggest event of the school year and is likely to be the most important event in your life so far. Getting it right means you can make a great last impression and it will increase your chances of being noticed by that special someone.

With so much pressure on one event and one dress, it’s not surprising that you need a little help to pick the perfect homecoming or prom dress.

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Give Yourself Time

If you start shopping a week or two before your prom or homecoming then you’ll be adding a lot of pressure on yourself. It will be difficult to see all the options and try them on with such limited time. That increases the likelihood of you choosing badly or simply stressing out about the whole thing.

Instead, start looking into dresses months before the prom or homecoming. You’ll have time to see what is available and get the right one for you.

Check Everywhere

You can head to your local store and see what prom dresses they have. However, at least half of your school will be doing the same thing. That makes it very difficult to find a dress that really stands out.

Instead, take the time to look around all the prom dresses near me, including those online. You’ll find plenty of great examples and, because you have started early, you have time to order, try on, and return if the fit isn’t right.

Shopping online is simpler than heading into a store and can produce some fantastic results.

Don’t Forget To Check The Code

Proms and homecomings have a much more relaxed dress code today. It’s no longer essential to go with the classic Cinderella gown. In fact, almost anything is acceptable. But, you do need to check the details of the occasion. This will ensure any dress oy choose will correspond to the designated code for the event.

woman in a prom dress

Check Your Date

If you are going to prom with your date then you’ll want to make sure you are coordinated. In most cases, it is easier for your date to match your colour choices. But, it is important to verify this and ensure you, and your date, look like you came together.

Work Your Your Body Shape

Whilst most women would love to have an hourglass figure, the truth is most don’t. That’s not an issue, you simply need to identify what body shape you have. This will help you understand what areas of your body your dress should pull attention towards.

For example, shorter people or those that are top-heavy should wear shorter dresses allowing their legs to be appreciated. This will instantly make them appear taller and balance their bodies.

Knowing your body shape will make it easier to choose the perfect dress. There is something for everyone.

Don’t forget to spend a few moments thinking about colour. If you have paler skin tones then pastel colours are generally better. Those with darker skin tones should opt for bolder and brighter dresses.

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