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14 Nov

How To Stack Your Rings

stacked gold rings

Whether you love designer rings or more affordable styles, rings are the ultimate accessory. They elevate any look, and some rings can even bring some rock’n’roll energy! They are an effortless way to accent your hands and add a modern twist to your outfits. No -worthy look is complete without accessories, and rings are just one of the ways to level up your style game!

Want to know how to stack your rings in style? Read on to discover our guide…

Why stack rings?

As we mentioned earlier, stacking rings can seriously elevate your looks. You could be wearing the simplest outfit in the world, but your can have plenty of impact. That’s where rings come in – they add a dazzling finishing touch to your looks. If you haven’t already started wearing stacking rings, then you’re missing out! Whether it’s for a work or casual outfit, rings can really make the difference.

stack rings

What are stacking rings?

Stacking rings are rings in a thinner style that can be stacked – it’s all in the name. Their thinner and minimalist band makes them easy to wear, as well as mix and match. How you mix and match them will help you achieve several looks. Their versatility is what makes us love them all the more!

Ways to stack your rings

Now we’ve gone through the basics, it’s time to find out how to stack your rings. Time to step up your style game with these techniques…

Mix and match

Mixing and matching is a unique way to stack your rings. It allows your personality to really shine through! Here, you can mix metals – because, in fashion, there really are no rules. You may think this is frowned upon, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! Mixing and matching metals is a playful way to approach your accessorising. Mix metals on the same hand so it doesn’t look mismatched, but more like a statement.

Leave one finger bare

As they say – less is more. So leaving one finger bare will bring balance and harmony to your looks. We recommend either leaving your pinky finger, thumb or index finger bare and letting the rest of your hands do the talking.

Throw in a midi ring

Mix things up by adding a midi ring to your stacking! It’s a slightly bigger size and will add a bit of intrigue to your outfit. It will be the statement ring your look needs and deserves. Throwing in this bigger style will add another dimension to your outfit. One with a stone will really be a showstopper when it comes to your stacked looks. Just don’t crowd it with other rings or it will look too busy, and more importantly, you won’t be comfortable!

Add a stone

We love stones, the sparklier, the better. Add precious stones to your stacking rings that will add a pop of colour to your looks. A rose gold stacking ring covered in stones will really transform your look – even when it’s a plain white tee and jeans.

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