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26 May

iPhone Apps for Fashionistas

Women love to shop. And why do we love to shop? Because we love to dress ourselves. Why do we love to dress ourselves up? We like to be fashionable whenever we can. We thrive on fashion. We live in a fashion world.


Miggy smartphone

Fashionistas cannot live without their hi-tech gadgets!

So for all of you fellow fashionistas out there, your iPhone is probably another fashion accessory to your everyday style anyway, so why not make better use of it with a few helpful and awesome apps? They are sure to perk up your fashion sense and help you look better than ever in the clothes you pick out of your closet every morning!

StyleBook app review

This will be the best $3.99 you will ever spend on your sense of fashion. Stylebook’s app lets you do so much more than just organize your closet.

Stylebook for Iphone

Stylebook fashion app for Iphone

No, you can take photos of every piece of clothing that you own (it is recommended to take pictures of the clothes while they are on – so have a friend help) and store them as photos against a white background. You then have a full inventory of your choices all right in front of you ready to be made into outfits.

And that is exactly what you can do with these photos (which are all organized so lovely, by the way) – arrange them into outfits, just like you would see in a magazine. Your clothes will all be “laid out” in front of you in the app. Then, you can add each outfit to a date on your calendar for when you would like to wear it – and voila – truly organized and awesome fashion right at your fingertips 24/7.

iShoes app review

OK, shoe addicts – this one is for you. Stuck in a boring meeting all day? Out on the road with the family with nothing to do? Now is as good a time as any to window shop for some awesome designer shoes. The best part – you do not need to be even remotely close to the store to pick your shoes.

iShoes app

iShoes fashion app for Iphone

Just download the free iShoes app and you can shop anytime, anywhere. Browse the best name brands in shoes whenever you want, and click on the photo of the shoes for more details on each pair. Then, either choose to search for a retailer to buy them directly online, or add them to a wish list to send to family and friends or even share to Facebook.

This app keeps you up to date on all of the hottest shoe fashions of the moment and even alerts you when certain shoes go on sale. Plus, it is so easy to locate a retailer online and order your new shoes right away. So watch out, because your wallet might be in big trouble after you download iShoes!

WhoWhatWear app review

Your style and your sense of fashion obviously come from somewhere – is it magazines? Is it the TV? Other girls in your office? Friends?

WhoWhatWear app screen

WhoWhatWear app for Iphone

Wherever it is that you see fashions you love, every girl’s fashion sense has to come from some kind of inspiration. Let WhoWhatWear be your inspiration. Stay up to date on celebrity fashion news and see up-to-the-minute photos on what the hottest Hollywood A-listers are wearing.

WhoWhatWear is actually a fashion blog that pulls its info from all of the best fashion magazines, so now you will have access to all of that awesome info everywhere you go – and all for free! Let yourself be inspired by the looks you see on celebrities, and take style advice tips from WhoWhatWear to make sure you are always dressed to impress.

Update: this app is available for Windows Phone, I could not find it in the App Store anymore.

Ask A Stylist app review

Ask A Stylist is the app that you need once you have figured out your own style and come across a piece of clothing that you are just not quite so sure about.


Ask A Stylist app

Ask A Stylist fashion app for Iphone

Just take a picture of the item in question, upload it to the app, and a fashion expert from Glamour magazine (the creators of Ask A Stylist) will get back to you in no more than 15 minutes with some professional advice.

How does it get any better than that, you may wonder? Here is how: you can even browse the profiles of the pros and choose one whose tastes most match your own, so you know you will be getting good advice that is totally pertinent to your personal style. Oh, and the app is free, too!

Update: it looks like the app is no longer available in the App Store.

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