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24 May

Prints and Patterns For Summer 2014

floral print dress

Rejoice, for summer is here, the winter has passed taking with it many trends, some loved and some not so much. Put away those tights and dawn something that lets your body soak the summer sun and feel the warm summer air. It is time to free you from those heavy jackets and warm furs, it is summer.

There were a lot of different patterns and prints that hit the runway for the summer/spring 2014 collection, a few familiar ones along with some relatively new concepts. Let’s talk about some of the patterns and prints that you should know about. I may miss a few important ones but bear with me. The focus of this article will mostly be on women’s clothing but I may mention men’s clothing in some select areas (particularly in one).

Floral print

The floral pattern is one of those that has been modified and adapted this season to serve as a trendier option this summer. The floral print has become quite pervasive in the market, coming in a thousand different variations of the various flowers; this pattern is an eye-pleasing metaphor for the promise of spring. The floral have been coined as the “the new summer neutrals”.

The design is traditionally supposed to be of a light and delicate nature. But that has somewhat been changed. This is perhaps an attempt to try and engage men in the widely approved floral pattern. The floral patterns of the stereotypical style have been replaced by designs that are stronger and edgier, giving off a more rebellious look which has led to them being described as ‘Aloha Noir’, ‘The Dark Side of the Bloom’ and ‘Fleurs du Mal’.

Designers such as Dries Van Noten, Gucci and were even bold enough to create head-to-toe floral looks.

floral print dress and bag

Floral print dress accessorized with a Louis Vuitton bag. Some rights reserved by …love Maegan

The dark floral may seem like an unusual concept for summer, a season generally associated with brighter hues and statement prints. However, this edgier take on a traditionally feminine pattern offers a much more wearable and masculine option for those of us that want to include floral motifs into our wardrobe.

Athletic wear

Athletic clothes are no longer being worn just to the gym, but to the office and even out to dinner. These clothes have become acceptable at all times of the day and with good reason as they provide a reliable means to relax, or, subvert a look that may otherwise seem contrived.

adidas sportswear for women

The iconic collection Adidas by Stella McCartney inspired fashion designers to create athletic clothes that are no longer being worn just to the gym. Some rights reserved by adifansnet

In support of this sporting spirit, the fashion set has produced some truly delightful and unique clothes that fuse both comfort and style. Designers at Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger took vibrant orange and patriotic red, white and blue colors, sending them down the runway in performance fabrics, satins and quilted cottons for a cool, vibrant and truly sportswear inspired vibe.

Tribal print

monochrome tribal print dress

Tribal print dress accessorized with a gold buckle belt. Some rights reserved by …love Maegan

The summer collection this year is full of color and life. The tribal pattern is one of those trends that have been focused on. The collection has some really great clothes that have hints of folklore from all across the globe. These patterns are a graphic means by which to show our primitive and sensuous side.

Rich embroidery, tribal jewelry, drapery and graphic prints all appeared on the runways as if directly displayed from the frames of some National geographic documentary. Designers like , and Alexander McQueen all picked up the theme, promising plenty of globe-trotting inspiration.

black and white tribal print pants

Tribal print palazzo pants. Some rights reserved by apairandaspare

There are other trends that I would have liked to mention but I am a little conflicted about their applicability and therefore will not mention them, all except the Bomber jacket, I was genuinely surprised to see models wearing bomber jackets albeit they have had some truly spectacular modifications made and hardly look like their predecessors that people sported through the 80’s.

If you are looking for a good place to find clothes of the newer trends designed by independent designers, try 9th&elm they have a large collection that might have exactly what you need.