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1 Nov

Top Tips For Successful Sales Shopping

fashionistas during a shopping spree

As the sales are already upon us, here are our top tips for successful bargain hunting. Thousands of dresses, coats and shoes on Spring sales are ready to be picked, purchased and taken in. The variety of choice at a reduced price can lead to cash flow and wardobe size problems due to the unnecessary purchases which often cannot be returned. Fear not, I am ready to reveal a bunch of shopping tips on how to look for clothes during the sales time. Happy bargain hunting!

shopping for bargains

1. When the new collection arrives, it is a good idea to write down the prices of your favourite pieces. In the beginning, the prices are usually the highest but sometimes the stores might want to trick you. Before sales begin, they rise the prices so as to give the impression of a more significant price reduction during sales. Beware of this!

2. Look at the labels. Many people skip the important part of evaluating and ensuring the quality of the garments. It is always a good idea to buy clothes made of viscose or cotton (or at least cotton-blend) and shoes made of leather. Polyester at the label indicates that you should give this purchase a second thought.

3. Shop for basics. During sales period, many people look for the most-coveted pieces of the season, where in fact it is a great time to look for timeless basics! Simple T-shirts, white blouses, black trousers, and cotton lingerie – these are every women’s wardrobe essentials. After all, every retailer has its own Basic collection and this guarantees that you will not be disappointed.

shopping bags

4. Pleasure versus common sense. Crazy, uncontrolled shopping sprees are the most pleasurable, but especially in case of seasonal must-haves it is advisable to give your purchase a second thought. Will I really look good in the high-low floral print skirt or is it because of the massively reduced price? Find the distinction between want and wear and use this rule of thumb: in your mind, find quickly at least three different outfits you could create with the new clothing piece. If you are able to do it, go ahead and buy! Neon shorts are great, a tribal print dress too, but do you think you will feel like wearing it the same time next year? So what it costs 10 bucks if it will lie on the bottom of your wardrobe.

5. If you, however, choose to shop online for shoes or clothes, keep in mind that you will be additionally charged for shipping. It is advisable to ask your mum, aunt, or friend if they want to buy something in this shop so as to share or even reduce the price of shipping.

woman shopping online

6. While shopping online, it is easy to act crazy and create a vision of a brand new personal style. However, an online shop is not the best place for style experiments because for instance you are not able to try these clothes on. Go to the second-hand shops to try on new styles. If the experiment succeeds, you can invest in more expensive clothes next time.

7. Wardobes and wallets without the bottom do not exist!!!

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