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9 Jun

5 Hottest Trends In Jewellery For Summer 2013

Art Deco earrings

Summer is the perfect time to add some fun new statement to your wardrobe. While the winter party season calls for sophisticated glamour, summer’s fashion is traditionally a lot more wearable and fun, and this summer’s jewellery trends are no exception. Pick up some hot pieces that fit with these styles, pair them with some cute summer clothes, and you’ll be ready for summer parties, casual outdoor fun and even the beach.

Art Deco Inspired jewellery

Art Deco earrings

Art Deco earrings

The twenties inspired look is big news this summer, partly because of The Great Gatsby, and partly because it’s been due a revival for a while! Ornate yet simple, art deco jewellery has a feel all of its own, and now it is back in you don’t have to hunt through antique or vintage stores to get the look. Try some big statement deco earrings, or a bold bangle with an otherwise plain outfit to create a minimalist look with a twist. Don’t go in for a full flapper dress and bob with this jewellery though, you’ll look like you’re in fancy dress.

Pastel colours

pearl studs

Beautiful pearl studs

Subtle, delicate pinks and mauves with silver or gold can be a great way to add some summery prettiness to boring work outfits. Beads and gems in these sweet, pastel shades work really well to soften a suit or perk up a neutral coloured outfit without looking too frivolous or bright. Look for pretty gemstone rings, beaded necklaces and teardrop earrings to get the look.

Raw Stones


Amethyst, credit: Flickr

Gems that haven’t been cut can make a great feature that gives your outfit a natural, bohemian look without being too outlandish. Pretty styles in coloured quartz stones, turquoise, and amethyst can be interesting and unique, while still versatile enough to work with both your casual and evening clothes, making these pieces versatile accessories you’ll love all summer long.


jewellery set

Green jewellery set, credit: Flickr

Green stones, glass, beads and sparkles are really popular this summer, complimenting the fresh green colours in this season’s clothes palette, and also working really well with the bright whites that are around in abundance at the moment. Whether you spring for emeralds or go for green beads, there are lots of ways to wear this colour in your jewellery, and you can also work it in with the art deco trend or the raw stone trend if you want to.

Edgy Silver Metals

metal bead necklace

Pebble London necklace, credit: Flickr

The other big trend to wear in this season’s key jewellery design is bold, edgy metal in silver tones. Whether you choose shiny new sterling silver jewellery or go for intentionally tarnished, weathered looking styles, the key is to think big – big, jangly pieces with rough, asymmetric shapes are a great way to add a tough edge to a cute summer outfit, and the colour of the metal will really offset a tan.

Choose just one of these styles to add to your summer jewellery collection, combine them together or shop for them all, and have fun accessorizing your summer clothes with fun, attractive jewellery pieces that will take you through summer in style!

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