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30 May

Rihanna River Island Clothing Review

Rihanna Terry Richardson

has seen a lot of designer come out on runways with neons and stripes to bring out that mafia look for the season. However, there’s a celebrity out there who’s also looking to make a mark on the international fashion scene and she’s also considered as one of the top fashion icons of this generation. She’s none other than .

Rihanna Terry Richardson

Rihanna and photographer Terry Richardson

Rihanna’s collection is designed by the pop sensation herself and her focus has been on yellow neons, monochromes, stripes and denim. Here are the top designs from Rihanna’s collection for the season.

Black and white stripe painted shorts

While most of the shorts up on display online and in brick and mortar stores are showcased with loud colors, Rihanna makes them with black and white stripes. They’re made of 100% polyester and would go well with heels and combat boots. The painted shorts come with lose ends and are a slim fit on the waist.

black and white striped painted shorts

Rihanna for River Island shorts

A collar shirt made of silk would do justice to the shorts. Neon color tee would allow you to take out the monochrome and some jewelry with chunky stones and bangles would top of your mafia look with these shorts. You can even opt for a full stripe outfit and ask your friend/boyfriend to match your look by getting a great stripe shirt from an online store selling striped polo shirts for men.

Denim shirt zip skirt

This skirt is for those who want to bring out the ‘hipster’ look. It features a design that’s all-in-one and the shirt is tailored on the skirt while the skirt itself is zipped from the front. The inner skirt hugs the figure well and would fall a tiny bit above your knees.

Denim shirt zip skirt

Rihanna for River Island skirt

There are plenty of options you can pair the skirt up with. You can go for a tee with a graphic design and team up the look with a pair of gladiator boots. You’re likely to get noticed on the streets. Keep the shirt of whatever you wear on top tucked inside, or you can even keep it loose. For the ultimate hipster look, tie up the hair into a pony and mohawk.

Khaki camo pants

This style isn’t likely to get old anytime soon. Most of the designs for spring/summer 2013 are made with material such as polyester, spandex and cotton. The patterns include army green, khaki, brown, leopard and jet black.

khaki camo pants

Rihanna for River Island pants

Rihanna went with the khaki camo print. Her camo pants are made out of cotton and the style will allow you to replace your denims with ease. Pair the khaki camos up with a camo top and hat for the overall army look, or you can decide to wear a black or plain white tee. Wear cowboy or gladiator boots when it comes to the footwear.

Slim cut denim pants

If you still think camo pants are old fashioned, River Island Rihanna collection also has slim fit denim pants for you. They come with a spunky design and tailoring that would make them fit well around your legs. A loose collar shite either in light blue denim or plain white would top of the look. For a Rihanna look, add a metallic belt and wear convers with the denim.

authentic wash slim jeans

Rihanna for River Island skinnies