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16 Nov

10 Women’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials

woman in a winter coat

There has been a decidedly marked plummeting in temperature over the past few weeks, and that unquestionably means only one thing – winter is on its way. So once we have abandoned the spooky autumnal fright fest of Halloween, and faced the inescapable fact that the Argos Christmas catalogue ad will be a permanent televisual fixture during Corrie breaks, we can crack on with the real essentials of the winter season: getting your winter wardrobe in order.

Fighting off those frigid temperatures with appropriately warm and winter-proof ensemble is a walk in the park (assuming you are equipped with the right shoes, of course). Make your wardrobe a sartorial winter wonderland with these winter wardrobe essentials to keep you looking stylish yet feeling all warm and fuzzy during Jack Frost’s favourite time of year.

Jacket/Wool Coat

girl in military green parka

It does not matter what your budget is – from the cathedral of bargains that is Primark to the top-end designer stores, winter wool coats and jackets have been lining the racks practically since July. They come in a splendidly diverse range of colours, shapes and sizes. And if your budget will stretch to it, why not fashion a personalised, tailor-made coat or jacket.  Colour-wise, winter is suited to grey, navy, camel or black – versatile shades that will never go out of fashion.

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Knit Sweaters

girls in knit sweaters

Any self-respecting winter wardrobe should comprise of a few decent, good quality knits, as they are ideal for layering underneath coats, blazers and dresses. Chunkier sweaters are also perfectly good (as well as comfortable and warm) for throwing over more casual outfits. And the less said about those well-intentioned, homemade, Granny-knitted multi-coloured, Santa-adorned monstrosities we have all been gifted at some point in our lives, the better.

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girl in winter fashion essentials

If there is any of winter wardrobe essentials that encapsulates the true essence and spirit of winter it is the scarf, that triumphant saviour of the wardrobe winter-warming world. Functional, effective, warm, and an adaptable way of changing the look and style of many an outfit, scarves are the ideal accessory to create a cosy chic. The variety of colours they come in is also a nice way of adding a splash of visual mix ‘n match and trendy flourishes to whatever you are wearing.


winter fashion photo

Another must-have addition to any winter apparel collection, a decent pair of gloves is a finger-warming boon. Not only do they keep your mitts nice and toasty but they also prevent your skin from suffering the harsh damage that results for over-exposure to chilly weather. Knitted and wool gloves are arguably the best, but if you are edging for a more sophisticated chic – and proportionately colder hands – longer leather counterparts add a soupcon of glamour.


woman in winter blazer

Number one winter essential? Wool blazer. Flickr

Classic and functional, a decent blazer is a classic winter clothing option. Blazers made from wool (or other heavy fabric) will protect you from those icy pangs. Neutral colours are a safe bet as they can generally seamlessly blend and work with your other (non-winter) clothing.  And if you want create a blazer-based winter combo, match it with skinny jeans, riding boots and a stylish scarf.


tights photo

…and preferably thick tights. Not of the unattractive, rather wrinkled Nora Batty variety, but the smart and stylish kind guaranteed to keep your pins warm. There is an impressive range of designs available, too – from nicely knitted tights to basic black opaque versions and chunkier styles to really keep the heat in. Again, you cannot beat neutral colours for versatility and adaptability and there is no shortage of funky, colourful tight assortments that will add an extra oomph to your outfit.

Knee-High Boots

Alexander Wang boots

Model poses in Alexander Wang knee-high boots. Flickr

The best way to keep your feet dry and warm, there are plenty of knee-high boot designs that boast a leather-look finish and thick soles that make them comfortable and robust. Go for a boot colour that matches the rest of your ensemble, and do not be afraid of investing a little bit more in a decent pair as you will want to spend a lot of time in them during the cold snap.


winter boots woman

It is true that the majority of heat escapes from your head – so keep it all that warmth in with a well-fitting beanie. There is a cool and funky selection of beanies available in a multitude of colours, slouchy style and novelty designs. If you are looking for a bonce-warmer that is a good adapter to the rest of your winter wardrobe essentials, a black or grey beanie that is easily folded for a firm positioning on the head is a practical option.


Hunter rain boots for women

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots

Worry not what you call them – whether they are wellingtons, wellies, gumboots, rain boots, whatever, they are another de rigueur staple of the winter clothing kit, the go-to footwear par excellence.  Wet and cold feet can lead to colds and flus, so a decent pair of waterproof boots is a good way of minimising an inconvenient (and runny-nosed) sojourn to the Lemsip cupboard. For versatility and dressability, a good, solid pair of black waterproof wellingtons will stand you in good stead and complement your other clothes.

Winter Sunnies

winter sunglasses photo

Eh? What?! Sunglasses? In the winter. Absolutely. Not just an accessory for the season of sun and hayfever, an oversized pair of Aviator sunglasses can be the perfect, glamorous winter facial accompaniment as well as being a nifty way of covering wind-chapped and dry skin.

Can you think of any other items to add to this list of essential clothes for your winter wardrobe? Share your suggestions and ideas below.

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