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28 Jun

Frugal Fashion: How to Dress Stylishly on a Budget

happy woman shopping

You might feel otherwise after flipping through your favorite fashion magazines each month, but it is completely possible to dress stylishly without immersing yourself in severe debt. If you have caviar dreams yet a cheese and cracker budget, these frugal fashion suggestions will come in handy and no one will be the wiser!

1. Purchase Classic Wardrobe Staples in Basic Colours

black clothing

It is true that darker clothing does has a slimming effect on a fuller figure. Flickr

Regardless of your occupation, basic closet necessities for any fashion-conscious person should include essential items like pants, skirts, jeans, shorts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, a coat, boots and shoes. Purchase these items in classic colours that will not go out of style, such as black, tan, gray, white, and navy. These items can be combined into a variety of unique outfits. Hot pink or neon yellow may look fun right now, but you will probably not want to wear it in six months.

2. Think Quality over Quantity

Burberry short pastel trench

Investment piece: Burberry London pastel trench

If you purchase one or two high-quality dresses or shirts rather than six or seven cheap ones, your clothes will last longer, fade less, and look better on you. Cheap clothes are cheap for a reason. They are cheaply made and wear out or fall apart quickly.

3. Use Accessories to Completely Alter the Look of any Outfit


Elegant high-quality accessories will bring some red carpet style

Accessories like hats, scarves, belts, bags, leggings, necklaces, and earrings can be used to your advantage. Then can make an outfit look completely different from day to day and add a splash of colour without going overboard. Remember that hot pink you were dying to wear? Try adding a scarf with pink polka dots or a necklace with a pink pendant to your basic black dress!

4. Always Purchase Clothes that Fit

monochrome tribal print dress

Wearing your correct size makes you look and feel better! Some rights reserved by …love Maegan

Even though some clothes may need to be taken in or shortened by a tailor to fit you properly, always resist the urge to buy an outfit that is too small simply because you are on a diet and determined to fit into it “one day.” Likewise, avoid buying or hanging on to clothes that are too big on you. Wearing clothes that fit is the best way to look good no matter what size you are. Cramming into too-tight pants or sporting a too-loose shirt will do more harm than good.

5. Do not Turn Your Nose up at Thrift Stores

happy woman shopping

With these tips frugal shopping can be fun!

Some people may be too embarrassed to go inside one, but it is totally possible to find great deals at thrift stores or consignment shops. Many fashion-forward people clean out their closets periodically and get rid of things they no longer wear. These discarded clothes and accessories are sometimes designer duds that look great and you would not be able to afford otherwise. Just be sure to follow the advice mentioned above when you are hitting the thrift shop for frugal fashion bargains — a pair of pants that does not fit will not look any better on you just because it is a great brand.

You do not have to break out the credit cards or forgo paying your rent in order to have a nice wardrobe. Just remember these five frugal fashion tips the next time you are out shopping!