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9 Feb

Pear vs Apple Body Shapes: How To Pick Your Perfect Swimsuit This Summer

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Source: Pexels

The holiday season has come and gone, the infamous V-Day is behind us, and spring is finally fast approaching. With every extra minute of daylight, we are reminded that summer is heading our way, which means trips to the beach, swimming, and sunbathing galore. With all the fun in the sun ahead, however, comes one daunting task: picking the perfect swimsuit that will help you feel your best.

Finding the right swimsuit can be challenging with the plethora of different styles available. Depending on your unique body shape, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help accentuate your assets and make the most of what you have. For the purpose of this guide, we're going to focus on two common body shapes: pear and apple, and we'll help you pick a swimsuit that both flatters your body and empowers you to feel your best. Always remember one thing: you are most beautiful when you feel beautiful. So never let anyone tell you what to wear, but pick the outfit you love the look of and feel most comfortable in!

The Perfect Swimsuit For Pear-shaped Bodies

Pear-shaped bodies have shoulders that are visibly narrower than the hips, with a more accentuated waist and wider butt and upper thighs. The key in finding a swimsuit that flatters this type of body shape is in balancing the body proportions by adding volume to the upper part of your body and emphasizing your waist and silhouette. If you like one-piece swimsuits, those with eye-catching necklines can be a great pick. Embellishments, frills and ruffles, colors, and patterns in the top will accentuate your bust in one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, and bikini tops.

Choose solid darker colors and avoid patterns for the bottom. There are a lot of different styles of swim bottoms available that can help flatter your body. High-waisted bikini bottoms can help elongate your thighs and accentuate your waist. If you prefer more coverage, however, a swim skirt cover up can be a great piece to combine coverage with style and ensure a feminine cut suitable for a pear-shaped body. Avoid bottoms with side-ties, ruffling, or other eye-catching embellishments as they can add volume to the lower part of your body. Instead, opt for frills in the top half of your body for a more flattering style.

green high waisted bikini

Source: Pexels

Finding a Flattering Swimsuit for Apple-shaped Bodies

Bodies with an apple shape are characterized by a visibly larger top half. With a bigger bust, wider shoulders, a fuller midsection, smaller hips, and often slim legs, this type of body shape can resemble an apple shape. To flatter this type of body, it can be a great idea to add curves to the lower body and create a more defined waist. If choosing a one-piece swimsuit, look for designs that add details around the hips, with cut-out sides, or hip embellishments, and have a deeper neckline but keep the midsection in solid darker colors.

You can go wild with bikini tops to draw attention to your neckline, but avoid strapless or spaghetti strap bikini tops if you have wide shoulders. Retro high-waisted bikini bottoms aren't just back in style, but also perfect for apple-shaped bodies, as these accentuate your figure. You can also opt for simple, darker bikini or tankini tops and lighter or embellished bottoms that can visually even out your silhouette.

Summer is fast approaching, and we can't wait to hang out by the beach, tan, and go for a swim. While this guide can help you pick a swimsuit style that can flatter your pear- or apple-shaped body, remember that when it comes to , confidence is everything. Regardless of your body shape, wear whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in, and you will look and feel your absolute best!

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