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27 Jan

Getting Ready For Spring 2014 Colour Trends

pink colour spring 2014

Winter is among us and if you live in the northeast, you are smack dab in the middle of it. Hang on ladies, personal stylists are just as tired of their bleak winter wardrobe as well. So while you are waiting out the winter weather indoors, why not get a head start on spring 2014. January is a great time to start preparations for your spring 2014 wardrobe.

Since the runway shows were last year, we already know what the trends are and what to buy. The first deliveries for spring 2014 are already in stores and if it is just too cold, get your online shopping bags ready to stock full of this season’s most important trends. Fashion experts nationwide are ready to guide you into springs 2014 trends that include colour, cuts and wardrobe essentials. Let’s start with a few great colour combinations to get us the mood for spring.

Nothings says spring like pastels

This season is all about colourful pastels with a huge emphasis on purple’s muted sister, Lilac. This colour trend has popped up in everything from hair highlights to nail polish colours. Do not miss the mark, be sure to incorporate purples shades and tints into your wardrobe and do not be afraid to mix them together for an analogous colour combination.

Spring 2014 is all about mixing different shades, tones and tints together from one colour family, just be sure that there is enough contrast between the colours to keep it visually stimulating. To add an additional colour into your analogous purple/lilac colour combination, try yellow or a light camel tone. This will create an instant, complementary pop and is a great accessory colour that will flatter your outfit.

lilac spring 2014 colour

Lilac in spring 2014 fashion. Source: Stock Xchng

How to wear pastels in spring 2014?

To keep up with the pastel colour trend for spring, prep your wardrobe with light blue and grey denim washes. Once your bottom colours have been established, try mixing pastels pinks and silver together. Silver pumps with a grey denim and pastel pink top colour is runway ready. Add a statement necklace or another accessory like a spring scarf or handbag that is 2 shades darker or brighter than your pastel pink top and you have already mastered one of your colour trends for your spring wardrobe.

You can also consult an image consultant for some additional style advice on how to incorporate colour trends into your wardrobe. Do not be afraid to purchase a stylish, fitted pastel leather jacket that will flatter any causal weekend look when you finish hibernating from the cold winter. Have fun with the pink colour trend by trying tonal colour combinations. Teal or alternative shades of green with complement your outfit when selecting a pop of colour.

pink colour spring 2014

Pink in spring 2014 fashion. Source: Stock Xchng

Brighten up your Wardrobe

To brighten things up for spring 2014, we have a repeat fashion colour that forecasted its way onto runway several years, cobalt blue. Many of you may already have this colour in your wardrobe and if you do not, it should be an easy find online or in most retails stores. Let’s talk about how to freshen it up for 2014.

Cobalt blue, or as Pantone is calling it this year, Dazzling Blue looks great with so many colours. Keep with the tonal trend by pairing this colour with dark, medium, light, grey or yellow denim. For an accent colour try an analogous colour like purple and for more of pop, try the colour complement orange or a tan saddle colour for shoes (orang-ish shade)

cobalt blue spring 2014

Cobalt blue in spring 2014 fashion. Source: Stock Xchng

Now that you know where you stand with colour for spring 2014, you need to be up-to-date on your personal style and image. Let’s face it, colour is what lures us towards a specific garment whereas style and fit is what seals the deal. The following is a favorite trending item for spring 2014 that you can use for inspiration when getting your wardrobe ready for warmer and sunnier days!

Graphic T’s are Hot!

Designers like Alexander Wang, and Enzo bring the heat this spring with signature statement pieces, literally. T-shirts, sheer fabrics and graphics have been screen printed with bold, cut and funny statements that are sure to leave a lasting impression on passerby’s. Avoid all the Cat prints this season and say MEOW with your own statement piece!

graphic tees

Graphic Tee is a huge spring 2014 trend. Source: Stock Xchng

This look is great with high wasted leather shorts or a full skirted bottom. Try an oversized T with leggings and your pastel leather jacket for a great weekend casual look. You can also ask your local image consultant for some additional t-shirt style advice and learn quick ways to transform this look into a chic “night out” look.