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22 Jul

The Quest for the Ultimate Summer Body: Three Mistakes to Learn from

bikini body

All year long you hit the gym and watch what you eat with the intentions of … looking good for the summer. From social media accounts to magazine covers and even the television screen, you see men and women looking beach ready. Abs of steel, slim physique, and beautiful smiles and long luscious hair, these people seem to have it all. But try as you may you can’t seem to get that same look or feeling. Maybe you shed a few pounds here and there, but you gain it right back. Or maybe you have trouble sticking to a plan and give up before you reach the end result.

bikini body photo

bikini body photo by vwynx

Whatever the case is, we’ve all been there before. Truth be told, it’s not as easy as you might think to get the “ultimate summer body”. Sometimes striving too hard can ultimately turn out to be the biggest downfall. Many times, accomplishing your weight loss goals for the summer requires more than a weekly visit to the gym and a few fruits and veggies here and there. Sometimes it requires just a little bit more…

  1. Comparing Yourself
weight loss photo

weight loss photo by TipsTimesAdmin

The first one is a biggie, and it will require a bit of restraint on your end. Though it’s hard not to see some male or female with rock hard abs, killer legs, and the ultimate beach body, you’re going to have to stop comparing yourself. Everyone is different and everyone will lose weight, gain muscle, and tone up different ways (and at different paces). Set your own weight loss goals and compare yourself to no one but yourself. Take a picture on the monthly basis and compare where you are today to where you were a month ago. It can make it easier to keep going and pushing towards your goals.

  1. Sticking to the Same Routine

fit girl on the beach

Another part of the reason you may not be able to obtain the ultimate summer body is because you’re sticking to the same exercise routine. Maybe you decided that Zumba was the thing for you, but after a few months you suddenly don’t see any progress in your weight loss. The problem is likely that you’ve become stagnant, and your body has gotten used to the movements and actions. You have to be willing to challenge your body and try new things in order to see long lasting results. For instance, you could decide to do Zumba two nights a week and play basketball another night. This gives your body different ranges and motions and prevents it from becoming “comfortable” with your daily routine.

  1. Overlooking the Need for Help
personal trainer photo

personal trainer photo by istolethetv

Do you need help in your efforts to lose weight and keep it off? Are you afraid to admit that? Many people don’t like to admit they need help in some way, but sometimes a little assistance is just what you need to reach your goals. Help doesn’t always have to come in the form of a nutritionist or a personal trainer (though they are great sources for help). Sometimes help could mean something like working with a weight loss coach. The Healthy Trim Coach site offers a caloric intake calculator that can be of great assistance. Help could also be in the form of supplements to aid our bodies in doing things it can’t do on its own. Sticking with the same example as from above, the Healthy Trim LinkedIn page explains how certain products can assist the body in metabolizing, energizing, and shedding pounds a lot easier.

Don’t get so caught up on trying to look like the celebrities and models you see in the media that you defeat yourself mentally before you get started. Don’t become discouraged because you’ve become stagnant in your weight loss efforts. Finally, don’t become so embarrassed by your efforts to lose weight that you fail to reach out for assistance. It takes time, determination, willpower, and a great level of support to obtain the ideal body, and doing any of the above mentioned mistakes will only hinder your quest to look and feel your best.

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