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13 Jul

The Ultimate Guide to Outfit Packing for a Summer Camping Trip

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We are in the middle of the summer season, which means it is time to bring out your camping gear and head out to the great outdoors. Many of us are more than ready to get out of our houses and spend time under the bright blue sky, exploring by day and stargazing by night.

If you are ready to begin planning your next camping trip, you might be wondering what to wear. Deciding what clothes to pack can be a tricky task, especially if you are new to camping or camping in the summer.

You need to keep in mind that the temperature varies during the day and night. So you must strike the perfect balance between functional and fashionable attire to stay comfortable while having fun.

Confused about what to wear? We got you covered! Here is the ultimate guide to help you decide what you need to wear on a summer camping trip.

Wardrobe essentials

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While a campsite is no fashion runway, there are still plenty of ways in which you can pack functional yet cute items of clothing. Here is a list of essential pieces that you should be taking along with you.


Starting from the top, it is essential to keep the right headgear for sun protection during your camping trip.

Baseball caps or broad-rimmed hats are a great way to shield yourself from scorching rays and to prevent sweat from entering your eyes and the back of your neck.

You can even go for a bandana for extra protection around your ears. Go for a stylish patterned bandana look to stay comfortable and survive those bad hair days, because you know they're about to come.


girl in a white t-shirt

When deciding what tops to keep, think practicality! Light-colored and breathable fabrics will help you stay comfortable throughout your trip.

While usually, T-shirts are the perfect choice for hot weather, exposing your arms while camping can be dangerous, especially if you are out in the wilderness. You can potentially get injured or sunburnt. Choose a lightweight moisture-wicking top with long sleeves to stay protected, especially if you plan on hiking. For the night time layer up with jackets or a trendy tie-dye hoodie.


While you may be tempted to wear shorts during hiking, you should choose lightweight, full-length pants instead. Exposing your skin could lead to scratches, injuries, and contact with poisonous plants.

Loose-fitting cotton pants are ideal for the day time and can be swapped with sweat-pants at night when it gets chillier.

Shoes and Socks

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While on a camping trip, you need to keep your feet completely happy. So choosing the right pair of socks and shoes is crucial if you want to avoid any discomfort.

This may sound basic, but good socks are essential and make all the difference when it comes to staying comfortable. Go for a sturdy pair that have a snug fit. Try finding those that wick sweat and moisture away from your toes because your feet should remain as dry as possible. The nights may get cold, so you'll need a warm pair of socks as well. This means that you'll need quite a few quality socks for your camping trip. If you are looking for a good variety of comfortable and trendy socks, subscribe to a sock of the month club and get a new pair of socks each month. You'll no longer have to spend an eternity trying to find the perfect pair for your outfit. You will also know over time which ones are the perfect fit for your trip, both comfort, and trend-wise. Plus, there is no such thing as having too many socks.

When it comes to shoes, pick those that have the perfect fit and support. This will help prevent all rashes or blisters caused by ill-fitted shoes. Joggers are an excellent choice for the day time, and flip flops can be worn around the campsite. If you plan on going hiking on mountainous terrain, be sure to invest in a good pair of hiking boots.

Important things to remember

Prepare your arrival outfit

When deciding on what to wear as you leave your house, remember that you will be wearing the same outfit as you arrive at the campsite. You will be getting your hands dirty with setting up the tent and foraging for firewood.

So be sure not to wear any expensive clothing that could get torn or damaged as you take part in physical activities. Dress comfortably and keep a jacket handy in case you are arriving in the evening.

Mix and match your clothes

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You should always pack as little as possible that can easily be fit into a backpack. So prepare your wardrobe with items you can mix and match to create different looks with.

Try to keep one or two items as per the categories we spoke about above, especially when going on shorter trips. This exercise becomes a lot easier if you decide on a consistent color palette.

Always sleep in dry clothes

Due to varying temperatures in the day and night time, you should always be careful of what you wear to sleep, keeping in mind that it could get chilly.

If you have been outside in the rain, you need to make sure you come back and change out of your wet clothes before getting into a clean, dry sleeping bag. Change your clothes, undergarments, and socks into a new night suit.
Parting thoughts

Camping trips in the summer are all about soaking in the sun and going on new adventures each day. To make your trip enjoyable, you need to have the right clothing items in your packing list. From hot days to cool nights, follow our guide to be prepared, and look great at the same time.

What is your favorite item of clothing when it comes to camping? Any recommendations on what not to wear? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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